Oracle beds with Thinking Machines and six other miners

Burlington, 23 March 98 Oracle has selected Thinking Machines along with six other data mining partners in a focused effort within the Oracle Warehouse Initiative (WTI). This is a joint marketing and product development programme of Oracle's Data Warehousing Solutions. These are the first Oracle data mining alliances to be formally announced. The data mining companies offer complementary technology and knowledge to Oracle.

Besides providing Oracle with technology in of decision support and data warehousing, the Data miners also offer their expertise in the fields of finance, government, health care, retail, and telecommunications. Data mining is complex, algorithm based decision support technology that automatically searches data sets for patterns, correlations, and trends and yields the best results when performed against large sets of integrated and cleansed data.

Data mining, Oracle's database and DSS products used together are suitible for pattern discovery, but also for trend verification and information distribution. Applications for the technology include credit risk assessment, customer retention and profitability, fraud detection, and target marketing.

Thinking Machines Darwin makes a scalable, parallel, multi algorithm data mining software suite for customer relationship management applications. In addition, the company offers LoyaltyStream, a customer acquisition and customer retention application built on Darwin, deployable real-time models, and services. The Thinking Machines family access Oracle data and are focused on the financial services, telecommunications, and database marketing industries.

Oracle is working with the data mining companies to define enhancements to the Oracle8 universal Data Server, which will allow partner products to more tightly integrate with the database. Users can expect new features in the next release of Oracle8, such as sampling and enhanced aggregation.

Sandra Wermer