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Dynamite delivers automatic work-load balancing of PVM tasks in workstation cluster environments with dynamically changing load to applications. Dynamite monitors the load on the workstation cluster and, when necessary, dynamically redistributes tasks again to more efficiently use the hardware available.

Dynamite is developed within an Esprit funded (ES 23499) project.


Technical Description Dynamite available
27 dec 99 A four page technical description for Dynamite is available from the down load area. Also the Slide Set and Flyer have been updated.

Slides of Dynamite presentation available
29 sep 99 The slides of the Dynamite presentation held at Euro PVM/MPI in Barcelona are available on the Internet. You can step through them to get an overview of the product and project information.

Dynamite will be present at EuroPVM/MPI
29 jul 99 The Dynamite project and software will be presented at a lecture at the special EuroTools session at the EuroPVM/MPI'99 conference that will be held in, Barcelona Spain, September 26th-29th, 1999.

Dynamite - a polite resource manager
08 jul 99 The Dynamite system has been succesfully demonstrated at a meeting in Amsterdam, last month. Dynamite manages a cluster of workstations. Applications under Dynamite automatically are distributed over the resources available. When another user needs one of the machines in the cluster, Dynamite gracefully migrates the running application to another machine. Dynamite is a project of the Universities in Amsterdam and Paderborn, ESI France, and Genias Benelux.

Requirements for load balancing support of parallel programmes
06 may 99 The Dynamite software takes care of dynamic load balancing of an application during run time. When used for instance on a cluster of workstations, it will regularly check the usage of each processor, and when necesseray redistribute the tasks. It will, in its first edition be based on PVM and be available on a few Unix platforms. For the further development of Dynamite, we would be interested in hearing from potential users, about there requirements and needs. So when you are and ISV or a potential end user, please tell us your requirements.

Squeezing the most out of your workstation cluster - Dynamite test versions available in March/April
24 feb 99 The Dynamite Consortium will make available first test versions of its Dynamic cluster software interface in March/April to selected software vendors and developers. Dynamite delivers work-load balancing of parallel tasks to work station cluster environments. Unique is its ability to dynamically adapt to changing work loads. Dynamite is especially useful for small to moderate sized workstation clusters with much development work and one big application. When built into the application, the user does not even have to notice it is there.

Dynamite runs supercomputer applications on your work station cluster without you even noticing it
23 nov 98 Do you run your computing problems still in two dimensions because it would need a supercomputer to do it in 3-D? Do you know computer simulations that could help you, but you cannot afford the computers to run them on? Look around in your office. When you have a number of works stations around there, you already have your supercomputer: Dynamite turns the available computing power into one big parallel machine that can work on a large problem. Dynamite does this, the way you want it. It only uses power not used in some other way, quickly migrating from a machine when one of your designers needs it and it is the only software that dynamically redistributes the work over the machines when your application requires this. When you are an application provider, you can build Dynamite into your application providing your customers with supercomputer performance on their workstations.

Dynamite Explodes Power of Workstations
15 sep 97 Many small businesses have a possible MPP system on the premises without realising it. Rows and rows of workstations are not used to their full potential: they are merely active when the desktop user requires their computing time. A survey at a car designer plant pointed out that nearly 75% of the time most workstations do not work at all. Those redundant cycles ought to be put to good use, but how?

Dynamite - blasting obstacles to parallel cluster computing
25 jan 99 Workstations make up a very large fraction of the total available computing capacity in many organisations. In order to use this capacity optimally, dynamic allocation of computing resources is needed. The Esprit project Dynamite addresses this load balancing problem through the migration of tasks in a dynamically linked parallel program. An important goal of the project is to accomplish this in a manner that is transparent both to the application programmer and to the user. As a test bed, the Pam-Crash software from ESI is used.