J.P. Morgan and TurboLinux harnesses hundreds of Dell workstation for global derivatives risk management

San Francisco 18 July 2000 TurboLinux Inc., the High-performance Linux company TurboLinux, announced that J.P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated has deployed TurboLinux's EnFuzion software to help power the firm's worldwide risk management system for fixed income derivatives on a cluster of more than 1,000 nodes.

The EnFuzion software's ability to manage parallel executions allows thousands of stand-alone computers to be clustered together to create the power of supercomputers. EnFuzion runs existing customer applications without modification, and provides node failover and an automated job scheduling that takes advantage of idle CPU cycles on cluster nodes.

Evaluated at J.P. Morgan's London office for the past year, EnFuzion is now in production use, and the firm is increasing its deployment to more than 1,000 cluster nodes, including an installation at J.P. Morgan's New York corporate headquarters.

"As a market leader in fixed income swaps and derivatives, our firm's demands for computing power in this field are virtually limitless," said Michael Liberman, head of Global Swaps and Derivatives Technology at J.P. Morgan. "Deploying EnFuzion allowed us how to harness the power of hundreds of powerful desktop workstations during times when they would otherwise be sitting idle. We continue to move more of our critical calculations and processes to this architecture." Liberman said other considerations behind J.P. Morgan's selection were EnFuzion's superior performance on Windows NT; its ease of adding and maintaining cluster nodes; its simplicity in being deployed out-of-the-box, and TurboLinux's expert support.

J.P. Morgan currently uses EnFuzion to manage a cluster of more than 200 Dell Precision Workstations running Microsoft Windows NT and a back-end system of more than 50 Sun Microsystems Enterprise Server CPUs running Solaris.

"As the leading Internet infrastructure provider for e-business, Dell is gaining ground in the financial services industry as more and more customers such as J.P. Morgan rely on Dell to run their mission-critical applications," said Dave DuPont, director of Dell Precision Workstation marketing. "Dell Precision Workstations provide the performance, reliability and scalability - backed by the services and support - that this market demands." J.P. Morgan has been a pioneer in the derivatives market and is a recognised market leader. In 1999, the firm was named Derivatives House of the Year by IFR Magazine, first in risk management by Euromoney, first in derivatives strategy and execution by Institutional Investor, and Best Derivatives Bank in North America by Global Finance.

Ad Emmen

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