Unisys to provide 16- and 32-processor servers based on Unisys Cellular MultiProcessing (CMP) architecture to Hitachi

Blue Bell 18 January 2001 Unisys Corporation today announced the signing of an OEM agreement where Unisys will provide servers based on the Unisys Cellular MultiProcessing (CMP) server architecture to Hitachi for sale in Japan.

With the announcement, Hitachi will add to their existing line of quality servers a powerful and extremely scalable option for customers with data intensive computing environments. Unisys CMP is the only server architecture to take full advantage of Microsoft's Windows 2000 Datacenter Server operating system's support for 32 processors. This breakthrough Unisys server technology will enable Hitachi customers to apply the broad array of solutions written for the Windows environment to their largest, most demanding enterprise computing tasks.

Servers based on the Unisys CMP architecture provide an array of computing capabilities required for enterprise-class e-business computing and well known to users of large-scale computers, but unprecedented in computing environments based on Microsoft and Intel technology. Unisys CMP is designed for the power of Intel IA-64 Itanium processors and can accommodate up to 32 Intel IA-32 Pentium III Xeon processors, which can be field-upgraded to Intel IA-64 Itanium processors or combined with Itanium processors in the same server. These advantages enable the ES7000 to match the performance of UNIX systems in enterprise-class e-business and other critical applications at a fraction of the price. Emerging as a de facto standard for large-scale Microsoft- and Intel-based platforms, Unisys also is providing CMP server technology under OEM agreements to Compaq, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and ICL.

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