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>Primeur Magazine
Issue 25 June 2003
>More participants at ISC2003 supercomputing conference in Heidelberg
>ALiCE Cluster in operation for 3 years
>TOP500 supercomputing
>Clusters march into TOP3 of the TOP500 supercomputer list
>Europe losing ground in the TOP500
>A 100 Tflop/s supercomputer for the UK in 2005
>The Earth Simulator evaluated after its first year in business
>Selecting the best suitable HPC architecture for Earth system modelling at ECMWF
>Community Climate System Model to simulate ocean, land and atmospheric models
>The future of anthropogenetic, historical and evolutive climate change research in Europe
>The Grid
>On-line Science the worldwide telescope as a prototype for the new computational science
>HPC and Grids in Asia
>Company news
> SuSE Linux enterprise server selected by Cray for Department of Energy's new "Red Storm" supercomputer
>First 15 nodes of the NEC SX-6 supercomputer installed successfully at UK Met Office in Exeter
>ClusterVision to install first supercomputer cluster in Europe based on Infiniband technology
>Intel, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and HP open Life Sciences Center in the Swiss Biotech Valley
Intel, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and HP open Life Sciences Center in the Swiss Biotech Valley
Heidelberg 25 June 2003 Intel Corporation has signed an agreement to collaborate with the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB) and HP on an international life programme to develop next-generation life sciences solutions and help create a common set of tools and expertise fundamental to research in life sciences. Life Sciences is concerned with living systems ranging from genes to proteins, biotechnology to pharmaceuticals, and Agra sciences to bio-defense. Life sciences software solutions such as identifying and understanding all proteins used by an organism, are compute and data-intensive. These highly complex calculations require high-performance computing solutions that handle massive amounts of data using the best technology available.
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With this project, Intel and HP intend to accelerate the availability of open source life sciences software applications tuned for Intel Itanium 2 processor-based clusters. As a part of this agreement, Intel has decided to establish a life sciences competency centre within the SIB and its Vital-IT initiative near Lausanne, one of the key life sciences centers in Europe and often called the "Swiss Biotech Valley”.

Vital-IT is a newly created group of the SIB, designed to offer high performance computing tools and expertise to fundamental research in life sciences such as genomic statistics and biological databases. The SIB and its partner institutions – the EPFL and the Universities of Lausanne, Geneva and Basel that are of highly complementary competencies, fund this initiative. The collaboration will focus on porting codes developed, or used, by the SIB scientists for HP Itanium 2-based systems . Other important life sciences codes will be ported to HP Itanium 2-based servers over the next three years.

All three parties will bring expertise to the co-operation: Intel will deliver its technology in conjunction with intensive training for software developers and customers. HP will source HP Itanium-based production clusters and provide support for the software developers. Vital-IT members will build, develop and maintain a collaborative platform for services and consulting in bio-informatics as part of the life sciences competency centre.

Life sciences software applications ported on Itanium 2 processor-based systems will be made available through open source or commercial channels. Researchers, universities, hospital labs and industry players as well as commercial companies are expected to benefit from the acceleration of information exchange. For example, with technology provided by Intel and HP, health care companies can meet critical needs such as identifying new drugs and health care products more quickly, reducing the time to market for new drugs, increasing supply chain responsiveness and agility, and optimising return on IT investments.

At the centre Intel and HP will help establish HP Itanium 2-based servers as the expert platform for life sciences applications. The centre will engage with other biotech and pharmaceutical firms to make life sciences IT solutions available outside of the academic research community. The partners in the centre will share the results of the collaboration in a variety of external scientific and high-tech forums, events and publications.

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