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Contents May 2003
Curl introduces Linux version of rich client application development platform
New Orleans 09 April 2003 At IBM developerWorks Live, Curl Corporation has launched Linux OS support for its Curl Client/Web Platform, a rich application development environment designed from the ground up as client-side technology dedicated to the delivery of enterprise-class applications via the Web. Debuting the Curl Linux version, this announcement marks the delivery of the first Linux client side engine for rich Internet application development.
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Designed to be server-agnostic, the Curl platform integrates seamlessly with all back-end systems, including IBM's iSeries. Developing a client-side development and deployment platform for Linux was a natural next step in the evolution of Curl's product suite.

Linux is rapidly becoming the OS of choice for many companies as a lower cost alternative to Windows, especially in the banking and financial sectors. According to research firm IDC, database software revenue on Linux servers is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 97% between 2000 and 2006.

In fact, 78% of the Linux users surveyed plan to use Linux to support mid-tier business applications, additional application/technology services, and potentially other desktop productivity tools.

The Curl announcement responds directly to the rapid adoption of Linux in the enterprise and increasing requests from the application development community for a Linux version. Curl's rich client software suite, including an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Runtime Environment, provides Linux users with a robust, secure environment to build richly interactive user interfaces and highly responsive applications that are visually engaging and information-packed, yet are centrally managed and administered.

"Linux developers tend to think outside of the box and work on technology's leading edge where convention yields to innovation and application success is measured by increased productivity, faster time-to-market and lower IT costs", stated Robert Hoyt, senior vice president at Curl. "The Curl platform is prized for exactly these advantages, and the Linux community is uniquely positioned to appreciate our technology and deliver the advantages of Curl-driven rich client applications."

Rapidly rising demand in the Asian market was also a key determining factor for the support of Linux. "Curl is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the one-step-ahead mentality abroad with ISVs and partners in Japan, Taiwan, and Germany, and currently has multiple projects in the works", added Robert Hoyt. "As demand for Linux continues to grow, we believe our Linux users will accelerate Curl adoption within organisations of all sizes."

The Curl Client/Web Platform for Linux is available in limited distribution from Curl Corporation. General availability is planned for Fall 2003. Pricing starts at $25,000 for the Curl Starter Kit.

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