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Contents October 2006
Graphics Pioneer Tony Parisi appointed Grid Institute fellowship to advance Media Grid standards
Boston 31 August 2006 The Grid Institute has appointed Tony Parisi, co-inventor of 3D for the World Wide Web (Web3D), a fellowship to participate in the development of a new generation of interactive and immersive 3D graphics standards for the Media Grid.
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Tony Parisi is widely recognized as a technology pioneer and accomplished entrepreneur at the forefront of Internet New Media and real-time 3D graphics. He is co-inventor of the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) ISO standard for Web-based interactive 3D, and lead editor and co-chair of the Extensible 3D (X3D) Specification, the new standard for Web3D graphics (and official VRML successor) developed by the Web3D Consortium standards organisation.

As president and CEO of Media Machines, a San Francisco company focused on high-performance standards-based 3D and integrated rich media core technologies, Tony Parisi continues to influence standards, technologies and emerging markets for interactive rich media. In 1995 Tony Parisi founded Intervista Software, an early innovator in real-time networked 3D graphics technology that developed WorldView, the first real-time VRML viewer for Microsoft Windows. Following his early success with Intervisita, Tony Parisi founded Media Machines in 2001 where he continues to spearhead the development of FLUX, a real-time 3D technology based on open Web3D Consortium standards.

As a Fellow of the Grid Institute Mr. Parisi will participate in the design and development of a new generation of real-time 3D, interactive gaming, and immersive digital cinema standards as an invited expert of the following Media Grid Technology Working Groups:

  • Rendering Technology Group (RTG)
  • Virtual Reality Technology Group (VRTG)
  • Gaming Technology Group (GTG)

"We look forward to collaborating with Tony Parisi and Media Machines to develop a new breed of standards based on Flux and related 3D technologies", stated Aaron E. Walsh, Director of the Grid Institute's MediaGrid.org standards organisation. "Tony is a true pioneer in the field of interactive digital media with a solid track record of success in international standards. We anticipate a long and fruitful collaboration with Tony and Media Machines as the Media Grid begins to push the envelope of what's possible with 3D graphics and interactive digital media", continued Mr. Walsh.

"Combining on-demand supercomputing power with real-time 3D rendering on the desktop is a unique challenge that holds great promise for the computer graphics industry", stated Mr. Parisi. He added "Media Machines will help drive these open Media Grid standards by leveraging our extensive experience with real-time 3D and international standards. By recently releasing our Flux Player as open source, we have already taken an important step in this direction."
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