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Contents January 2007
European Grid market to grow to euro 9 billion in 2011
Brussels 11 December 2006 In the recently published report called "Commercial Exploitation of Grid Technologies and Services", prepared by SCF Associates for the European Commission, it is forecasted the overall Grid computing market in Europe will grow to euro 9 billion in 2011. This seems to confirm findings by the report "Grid computing - a vertical market perspective 2006-2011" published in June by The Insight Research Corp., which estimated the European market in 2011 at USD 9,5 billion in 2011.
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The report "Commercial Exploitation of Grid Technologies and Services" did do its predictions on two assumptions: first: the current Grid spending in Europe is about 3% of total IT spending or euro 1 billion in 2006. The second is the annual growth in the Grid spending percentage of total IT spending grows at 50%. The growth is expected to be the same for each sector.

For 2011 this leads to Grid spendings for Europe total: euro 9,02 billion; finance only: euro 2,39 billion; Pharma: euro 0,27 billion; Auto: euro 0,40 billion; and digital media: 0,11 billion.

The model used by Insight Research Corporation is more sophisticated as it includes different growth estimates for different sectors and it assumes that in the most now most active Grid sectors the growth will flatten within 5 years. The segmentation of the market is a bit different too: Insight segments the market in 14 vertical markets.

Nevertheless some comparisons can be made. Overall Insight expects the market to be USD 9.5 billion in 2011. When we take the euro/USD conversion rate into account, we see the estimate of Insight is about euro 8 billion. This shows the estimate by Insight and SCF are comparable, but Insight is more conservative.

For Grid spending in financial services in Europe, Insight expects this will grow to USD 2.2 billion in 2011. This is less than SCF expectations, as this is a typical early adopter market in which Insight expects, growth will flatten sooner than in other sectors. The same holds for the Grid spending in the media market: estimated at about USD 0.09 billion in Europe in 2011.

In conclusion both reports expect considerable growth of the Grid computing market in Europe reaching a size in the euro 8-9 billion range in 2011.

The reportCommercial Exploitation of Grid Technologies and Servicesis available from the European Commission - Unit F2 - Grid Technologies website .

TheGrid computing - a vertical market perspective 2006-2011report is published by: The Insight Research Corporation

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