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PrimeurWeekly 21 May 2007
Terra Soft launches PS3 user showcase
Loveland 18 May 2007

Terra Soft today launched a program to engage its growing PS3 user base through the sharing of their stories

on the Terra Soft Showcase web pages.
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As presented on the Terra Soft website, "You may be a super-geek, cranking out code into the midnight hour. Or you may be just like the rest of us, cranking out a mid term exam paper an hour before it's due. Either way, you have a story to tell, a unique experience to share. And if you are using YDL on a PLAYSTATION(R)3, an Apple PowerPC, or an IBM Power product, you are doing something the rest of us would like to hear about."

Jake Fedie, graphic designer and founding member of the Terra Soft team shares, "Terra Soft has for eight years built its foundation upon story telling. While we host a rich diversity of customer stories, we are now

moving to capture more by rewarding YDL users for sharing them."

This program is divided into 3 levels:

  • HOWTOs
  • Story Time
  • Showcase

"HOWTOs" are a means of sharing knowledge, from one user to another. "Story Time" can be a poem or song, a story serious or comical, real or fictional that relates to Yellow Dog Linux or Linux as a whole. The "Showcase" gives life to the stories of real people in a diversity of real world environments, from NASA to the Department of Energy labs to mom-n-pop shops.

Qualified submissions are posted on the Terra Soft Showcase website and authors are rewarded with a care package comprised of one or more of the following: YDL T-shirt, flexible flier, coffee mug, lunch box, and/or a YDL.net Enhance
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Source: Terra Soft

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