Swedisch National Supercomputer Centre (NSC) goes Banana

Linköping 29 Jul 99 Swedisch supercomputer centre NSC has installed an experimental system, a 16-processor Beowulf PC cluster, named Banana.

Banana is a Beowulf PC-cluster with dual Pentium processors. It is a setup for evaluation to determine its capabilties and possible status as a 'poor mans' supercomputer.

There are currently ten PC-boxes, each with two Pentium III 450 MHz processors. Each node has 512 MByte of internal memory and 9 GByte of disk. The nodes are currently connected with double 100 Mbps ethernet cards via a 100 Mbps switch. The front-end has a third network adapter connected to the university network.

On the16-processor system, the SCALAPACK benchmark that scored over 1 Gflop/s.


Ad Emmen