SCO and Siemens sign new agreement for UnixWare 7

Santa Cruz 16 Aug 99 SCO announced an agreement with Siemens to package the UnixWare 7 operating system with Siemens' HICOM 300 E family of enterprise communications servers. Siemens said high reliability was the main factor in its decision to use UnixWare 7 as operating system in the HICOM 300E's Administration and Data Processor. By combining the proven reliability of UnixWare 7 with the high performance of the HICOM line, Siemens sets a new standard for real-time communications.

"SCO is very excited about this relationship with Siemens," said David McCrabb, executive vice president, Worldwide Sales, SCO. "Now, Siemens can further strengthen its position in the worldwide enterprise telecommunications marketplace by providing ultimate reliability and enhanced performance to its customers."

Siemens based its decision on the high reliability, scalability and availability of UnixWare 7. Because PBX machines can serve thousands of users concurrently, they require top-flight levels of reliability and security from the operating systems they use. Siemens determined that the UnixWare 7 platform could best provide these levels for HICOM 300 E's enhanced remote and on-site maintenance features.

Siemens is an industry pioneer in voice messaging and computer telephony integration, and a major player in the worldwide market for enterprise communication systems. The embedded UnixWare 7 System will enable Siemens to further increase the reliability of the HICOM 300 E line through enhanced remote and on-site maintenance features. In addition, Siemens has a source code license for UnixWare 7.


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