Sun and Molecular Simulations to collaborate on on-line drug discovery

La Jolla 22 August 2000Sun Microsystems and Molecular Simulations Incorporated (MSI), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pharmacopeia, started a collaboration to deliver advanced dot-com grade solutions spanning the drug discovery pipeline. Sun and MSI will enable cheminformatics and bioinformatics researchers to deploy MSI's solutions across networked environments and through application service providers (ASPs). The collaboration aims to open new markets for MSI's bioinformatics and structural biology products.


MSI, a cheminformatics software provider with licenses in most major pharmaceutical companies worldwide, has named Solaris, developed by Sun, as a premier platform for product development and deployment. To support the extension of MSI's technologies, Sun is working closely with MSI to port MSI's MODELER, SeqFold, CHARMm, DelPhi, and CNX products onto the Solaris platform.

By porting to Solaris and using the Sun platform for development, MSI will be able to offer its customers enterprise-wide deployment of its solutions through a client-server model. In addition, MSI's adoption of the Sun platform will enable the company to provide thousands of informatics professionals worldwide access to its solutions through Sun-powered ASPs.

"This agreement will increase the impact of both MSI and Sun's solutions in pharmaceutical discovery and especially in the field of functional genomics", stated Dr. Scott Kahn, senior vice president, Life Science Research and Development, MSI. "Sun is excited to be working with MSI in our continuing effort to deliver powerful solutions to dot-com the discovery pipeline", added Mr. Doug Kaewert, vice president, Market Development, Sun Microsystems.

Molecular Simulations is a provider of simulation software for predicting the structure and properties of biological and chemical systems. Its software helps the world's industrial research teams to solve commercially significant problems and accelerate product discovery and development.

Ad Emmen

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