TriZetto to provide InfoMedtrics' health care decision-support software via the Web

Needham Heights 08 December 1999Health care information leaders InfoMedtrics Inc. and The TriZetto Group Inc. have closed a strategic alliance, providing a joint solution to help improve the quality of health care information and better control costs. As an application services provider (ASP), TriZetto will promote, host and offer access to InfoMedtrics' Healthcare Information Center (HCIC), the industry's only software solution which manages all lines of health care information.


The alliance with TriZetto offers a powerful distribution channel for InfoMedtrics' HCIC and leverages TriZetto's well-established user base and industry-recognised reputation and expertise in the health care data industry. InfoMedtrics in turn provides TriZetto with the premier health care decision-support solution in the marketplace. This novel software has been successfully deployed and utilised in challenging health care environments throughout the United States.

The alliance allows TriZetto customers to create a single integrated database management system, designed for their unique information and reporting needs, to better support and design services that provide high quality health care programmes while controlling costs. TriZetto's customers, who primarily are health care providers, like physician groups and practice-management companies; health plans, like HMOs and PPOs; and benefits administrators, will be able to access InfoMedtrics' HCIC to manage group health, workers' compensation, disability, occupational health and safety, but also financial and clinical data. The HCIC integrates the data into a single unified data warehouse for the creation of trusted, timely and actionable information.

Via the data warehouse design process, InfoMedtrics enables organisations to compile data from numerous customer-specific health care, safety and insurance sources. This represents a new capacity to gain a total integrated view of an organisation's financial, clinical and administrative performance including the ability to rapidly drill down from an organisational perspective to the individual employee, the health care provider, workers' compensation claim, ... The real result is a dynamic, ongoing process that enables a health care organisation to intelligently and continually measure and optimise the quality of its care and its resource utilisation to benefit all people concerned, including patients, members, employees, physicians and payers.

As part of TriZetto's commitment to offer the best-of-class packaged software applications to the customers in the health care industry, the company has selected InfoMedtrics' decision-support solution for its unparalleled ability to integrate information from disparate sources and to transform it into useful data, according to Lu Kabir, senior vice president of marketing and business development for TriZetto. "Health care providers, health plans and benefits administrators are struggling to contain costs while providing the quality care their patients demand. The type of information which the HCIC solution helps provide is critical to achieving these goals."

Obtaining InfoMedtrics' HCIC application solution via an ASP or application services provider relationship with TriZetto allows health care companies to concentrate on their own core business competencies and avoid spending significant time or capital on hardware and software licenses. TriZetto will integrate the HCIC into its application service offerings and will provide the enhancements and customisation services to its customers to ensure the most effective results are obtained from the powerful HCIC solution. This joint packaging will allow customers to utilise the only integrated health care information solution in the marketplace and work with a leading Internet-enabled ASP solely dedicated to the health care industry.

"TriZetto is a company with a great wealth of experience, health care knowledge and leadership", stated Bernard Wess, the Chairman and CEO of InfoMedtrics. "Its ability to deploy our HCIC technology is a great match for InfoMedtrics' business model and opens a whole new set of opportunities and channels of distribution. With TriZetto, we expect to move the evolution of health care forward by helping payers and providers switch their focus toward managing not just care, but total health."

The TriZetto Group Inc. is a leading provider of Internet-enabled application services and business portals for the health care industry. Being a vertical application services provider for the health care industry, TriZetto hosts and provides access to leading business and Internet applications. HealthWeb, its Internet portal, assists health care administrators and professionals in performing their routine tasks and facilitates information-exchange and e-commerce among all key health care participants: providers, health plans, employers and consumers.

InfoMedtrics provides software and service solutions to health care- and insurance-related enterprises, also including the self-insured Fortune 500 companies, large health care providers, health care service organisations and the government, enabling them to revolutionise the manner in which they view and analyse health care information. InfoMedtrics works with leading systems integrators and consultants to develop the only health care and insurance solution which integrates and manages group health, workers' compensation, disability, occupational health and safety, as well as clinical and financial data.

Leslie Versweyveld

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