Cloverleaf to integrate astronaut medical records into one single NASA database

Marietta 09 December 1999The Cloverleaf interface engine, developed by HIE Inc., a leading enterprise application integration (EAI) software and services provider, has been selected to integrate data for CMIS, NASA's Comprehensive Medical Information System project at Johnson Space Center through an agreement with Wyle Laboratories, Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, HIE will provide software and services for Wyle Laboratories' implementation of the CMIS. CMIS will integrate complete and current patient medical data from the different medical operations sources into a single system at the Johnson Space Center.


The HIE proposal was selected for award based on probable cost and technical scoring, as stated by Farris Tabor, manager of acquisitions at Wyle Laboratories. Cloverleaf will enable the bi-directional routing of EMR or electronic medical records between the Flight Medicine Clinic, which offers medical care for astronauts and their families, as well as the Longitudinal Study of Astronaut Health database used to assess long term effects of space flight. The other departments routing information to the EMR include the Occupational Medicine Clinic, that offers general health care for over 29.500 space centre employees, and the Cardiopulmonary Laboratory, which is used for ECG and stress function testing. Cloverleaf will transfer blood analysis results from the Antrim Laboratory Information System to the EMR local area network through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

In the future, Wyle Laboratories plans to use Cloverleaf interfaces with other NASA databases and systems like those applied by telemedicine, toxicology and the bone and mineral laboratories. This will include medical interfaces for Space Shuttle and International Space Station systems in co-ordination with the ISSCOM or the International Space Station Communication Project. Together, ISSCOM and CMIS will create a secure medical information system serving the Space Station, and utilise Cloverleaf to automate the data flow, handling and delivery of this vital information.

"The selection of Cloverleaf for NASA's environment is representative of the trend in health care enterprises to obtain data from different information systems and to funnel it into a single, secure source, which is accessible by different electronic means", as stated by Robert Murrie, HIE president and CEO. "More and more, Cloverleaf is being used by our customers to enable information driven initiatives such as web-based clinical views and Internet-based medical records."

The Cloverleaf integration engine forms a core technology, suitable for many industries which are replacing costly, point-to-point interface development with a configurable hub and spoke architecture. The engine creates a high performance-messaging platform which supports both asynchronous and synchronous connections to a range of programmes, databases, objects and protocols. Graphical configuration clients allow quick development of flow logic to direct, modify and support business integration rules.

Wyle Laboratories Inc., a privately held company, is a leader in offering test, research and engineering services to commercial, industrial and government customers. The company also provides different technical support services, life sciences, and special test systems to the aerospace, defence, nuclear, communications and transportation industries. In addition to California and Alabama, Wyle operates facilities in Iowa, Ohio, Texas, Florida and Virginia.

HIE helps enterprises rapidly integrate their existing and new applications, using the company's software tools and strategic and tactical integration services. The company's products are used in over 1200 sites throughout the world, including those in the health care, financial services, government, manufacturing and banking industries. HIE is headquartered in Marietta, Georgia, with offices in Dallas, Texas; Columbus, Ohio; and Essen, Germany. More details on the Cloverleaf interface engine are available in this month's VMW article HIE to deliver HIPAA-compliant real time integrated e-healthcare solution.

Leslie Versweyveld

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