Cabletron Gigabit solution to enhance Japanese hospital network with telemedicine capabilities

Kumamoto City 01 December 1999Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital, which is located in Kumamoto City and is rated one of Japan's "top three hospitals" by the local IT business magazine


Nikkei, recently selected a Cabletron Gigabit Ethernet solution to dramatically reduce the average patient treatment time from 20 days to approximately 14 days. Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital cares for patients in a Japanese region with a population of 13 million people and deploys Cabletron Systems' leading communications solution for the rapid distribution of time-critical patient information.

The solution uses Cabletron's novel SmartSwitch Router (SSR) technology, which manages and transmits high-volume data files such as x-rays, scans, images and patient records. Utilising the hospital's new network infrastructure, Saiseikai automates each component of the workflow process, including the hospital's treatment accounting system, pre-operative as well as medical examination systems, through to rehabilitation, reservation, and patient check in and out co-ordination.

"In order for the hospital to better serve the needs of the patients, it was critical to integrate all medical systems and streamline the business processes. Cabletron's solution has been so powerful it has enabled us to reduce the average patient treatment period from more than 20 days to just 14 days", as explained by Yoshihiro Masaki, the secretary general at Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital. "A vital component of this, Cabletron's SSR, when compared to its competition, proved faster, superior and more cost-effective."

Due to the mission-critical nature of a hospital environment, the solution had to provide a high-level of resiliency, a feature inherent within the SSR and one which allows Saiseikai to support critical patients and emergency-care. This type of characteristics will become even more significant once the hospital adopts more telemedicine procedures. Additionally, Cabletron's SSR Layer -3/4 capabilities enable the hospital to improve the Quality of Service (QoS) functionality in its network. This allows the medical centre to more effectively and smoothly manage information travelling through the network.

Through the incorporation of state-of-the-art communications technologies in its network, Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital is ready for digital convergence of data, voice and video. "Thanks to the innovative, superior Gigabit network, the hospital now has the ability to deploy telemedicine activities in the future. These will integrate voice and videoconferencing, remote patient monitoring, and remote access to specialist staff. In fact, the opportunities are endless and will further enable the hospital to improve the overall patient experience", concluded Masaki.

Ray Wright, Cabletron's director of convergence marketing stated that fast, reliable and secure communications will allow patients to access medical amenities and skilled professionals hundreds or thousands of miles away, and will further enable medical professionals to offer their skills to a much wider public. The Cabletron company has been providing high performance communications solutions to medical treatment, training and educational establishments for several years. "To date, customers are adding new-age converged applications such as telemedicine, using the inherent QoS capabilities for support of real time traffic such as voice and video", as stated by Mr. Wright.

Cabletron Systems, a premier provider of world-class networking solutions, delivers reliable network access and communications to millions of people all over the world. With scaleable products designed for Global 1000 enterprise networks, service providers and small businesses, Cabletron Systems is the e-business communications specialist in the Internet economy. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange for over a decade under the symbol CS, Cabletron is an S&P 500 index company.

Leslie Versweyveld

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