CyberCare granted patent on patient-friendly tele-monitoring system

Boynton Beach 19 November 1999CyberCare Inc. received a patent award no. 5987519 for a broad-based telemedicine system using voice, video and data encapsulation for the purpose of communicating medical information between central monitoring stations and remote patient monitoring stations. The company's Electronic House Call System (EHC), an Internet-based system that remotely monitors chronically ill patients at their home, will utilise this patented technology.


The new patent essentially covers all data-packet based remote patient monitoring applications transmitted over standard telephone lines, cable television networks, all Internet and intranet configurations, local and wide area networks, ISDN, DSL, ATM networks, and wireless communication systems. The technology constitutes the core foundation of the emerging $25 billion market that enables health care providers to improve access to medical services and lower the cost of delivering quality care to rural and home-bound chronically ill patients.

CyberCare's patented technology implemented via the Electronic House Call System will allow health care providers to monitor chronically ill patients at their home as well as allow patients to communicate to health care providers and other patients. The EHC can also remotely take patients' vital signs and record their medical information which can be easily accessed by medical professionals anywhere. CyberCare already has an initial order for 250 EHC Systems from Cambridge Medical Centers of Deerfield Beach, Florida.

By thus enabling the ongoing monitoring of critical indicators of the patients' health status together with improved patient and provider access to essential information, this technology should dramatically enhance the high quality of care and patient satisfaction. This crucial step forward in remote health care services capabilities should result in a reduced incidence of unnecessary high cost interventions such as emergency room visits, and an increased sophistication of health services in the home and the workplace, according to Max E. Stachura, M.D., Telemedicine Center Director at the Medical College of Georgia and Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Telemedicine.

Based in Boynton Beach, Florida, CyberCare is a technology assisted disease management company and also operates physical, occupational and speech therapy centres, and pharmaceutical services and is one of, if not the world's largest international air ambulance transport service. More news about the Electronic House Call System is available in the VMW Magazine in the August and December 1999 issues.

For extensive details, please read the articles CyberCare and Nortel to partner in international electronic tele-home care system and Electronic HouseCall transforms the chronically ill into responsible, self-caring patients. A smaller version of the Electronic HouseCall System will be applied early 2000 in a programme at the Sherman County Center of The Good Samaritan Society in Kansas. You can read all about it in this issue's article Good Samaritan Society ready to experiment with adapted version of Electronic HouseCall System.

Leslie Versweyveld

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