Zydacron and American TeleCare to provide interoperability for CareTone telephonic stethoscopes

Manchester 12 January 2000Zydacron has completed interoperability testing for the American Telecare line of CareTone telephonic stethoscopes. The patented CareTone stethoscope is an industry leading technology, that is offered exclusively by American Telecare. It is designed for high quality heart and lungs sounds to pass over either an analogue or digital connection. The CareTone family of products is widely used in home health care and remote diagnostics. It was recently used as a part of the NASA space shuttle missions to monitor the astronauts' medical signals. The Ultra line of stethoscopes utilises the least bandwidth among telephonic stethoscopes on the market today at only 9.6 Kbs. This leaves ample bandwidth for the audio/video functions provided by systems like Zydacron videoconferencing units.


"American Telecare (ATI) is pleased that its stethoscopes now function alongside Zydacrons well respected line of videoconferencing products", stated Richard Abbruscato, Vice-President of Engineering for ATI. Zydacron is a leader in the design of advanced videoconferencing solutions and works with telemedicine providers to maintain interoperability with systems and processes for remote diagnostics. Seymour Friedel, CEO of Zydacron, confirmed that Zydacron's products are utilised extensively for telemedicine applications. Providing the CareTone support has enabled the ATI customers to enhance the telemedicine services they provide to their patients. Friedel calls it a natural combination, two outstanding products working together.

Since 1992, Zydacron has been a leader in the development of sophisticated videoconferencing components that have set the standard for today's most advanced products. With the introduction of comConnex, Zydacron company has bundled its award-winning components with a innovative generation of software to offer comprehensive meeting solutions which set new standards. Zydacron's advanced business meeting technology solutions significantly can reduce costs associated with business travel and enhance the efficiency of meetings by fostering true collaboration among the different members in an organisation.

Khalid Mahmud M.D., an oncologist and haematologist, founded American TeleCare Inc. in 1993. He pioneered the concept of TeleHomecare, which is based upon the assumption that not all homecare visits required hands-on care. These visits can be substituted with "video visits" resulting in dramatically improved clinical and financial outcomes. The company's mission is: "To be the world leader in creating cost-effective, innovative technologies and connectivity which improve quality of life by extending care from health care facilities to the patient's residence." In this way, ATI has been the leader in TeleHomecare since pioneering the concept in 1993. The company has implemented over 90 health care systems all over the USA and is also the inventor of the most widely sold telephonic stethoscope, the CareTone.

Leslie Versweyveld

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