DoubleTwist to integrate Sun tools into portal for life science research

Palo Alto 12 January 2000DoubleTwist Inc. has decided to select the Sun Enterprise servers, StorEdge arrays, Solaris Operating Environment, as well as Java technology, all designed by Sun Microsystems, as the technology platforms to implement its unique portal for life science research. This portal offers genetic scientists the ability to search a large number of public and private genetics databases, to isolate sequences, process queries, and even purchase scientific products on-line.


DoubleTwist prefers Sun hardware and software platforms since they provide the rock-solid performance and network functionality which is required for database- and processing-intensive application. Java technology constitutes a key component of the portal, as the basis for the user-friendly Web interface, and as the underlying technology to building the site's agents. These agents are small pieces of automated software which allow researchers to find and match DNA or protein sequences, analyse the genomic sequences and monitor the evolution of sequence databases.

The novel DoubleTwist portal makes it possible for more scientists to attack the challenges of genomics research with state-of-the-art tools, which may accelerate the rate of new drug discovery, among other benefits, as stated by Greg Papadopoulos, Chief Technology Officer at Sun. "The company is very pleased to provide the technology to support this revolutionary effort, because it advances both genetics research and the economy."

"The Sun solution constitutes an integral part of DoubleTwist's ability to host on-line genetic research on the Web", said Robert Williamson, Chief Operating Officer at DoubleTwist. "Sun has become a leader in infrastructure and this partnership demonstrates Sun's ability to provide scalable technology that can handle the sophisticated requirements of a life sciences portal."

The Sun hardware that will support the portal includes, among other things, Sun Enterprise servers and StorEdge arrays organised into two clusters that use Sun Cluster software. One cluster is handling back-end processing and data warehouse functions, and the second delivers front-end search engine, e-commerce, and database functionality. The system includes multiple Sun Enterprise 450, 220 and 420 servers, several Sun Enterprise 5500 servers, and more than three terabytes of Sun StorEdge A5200 and A5200 arrays.

Leslie Versweyveld

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