Neuromate stereotactic robot sold to French hospital in Nantes

Davis 06 January 2000Integrated Surgical Systems (ISS), a pioneer in medical robotics and the world leader in image-directed, robotic products for interventional applications in the fields of neurological and orthopaedic surgeries, has sold its Frameless NeuroMate Stereotactic Robotic Assistant to the Hôpital Guillaume et René Laënnec in Nantes, France. The Neuromate system to date has supported neurosurgical procedures on more than 2000 patients.


NeuroMate, the company's innovative neurosurgery product, is the first robotic system developed for implementation in stereotactic brain surgery. The NeuroMate device consists of a robotic arm assembly and a PC-based positioning system. The product interfaces with ISS's VoXim Surgical Planning System, which has been jointly developed with its German partner IVS Solutions, and also other popular third-party planning stations. ISS has currently installed 15 NeuroMate systems in the United States, Europe and Japan.

The frameless technology, cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in July 1999, allows for greater flexibility for patients and surgeons by decoupling both the image acquisition and surgical planning from the actual procedure. This decoupling saves most hospitals over 90 minutes of valuable operating room time. After the stereotactic approach has been planned, the VoXim/Neuromate programme calculates the complete visualisation and the control of the robot. The software offers permanent intra-operative feedback and post-operative verification.

Hôpital Guillaume et René Laënnec is a 558-bed hospital located in the Business Park University-Hospital complex of Nantes/Saint-Herblain, which was established in 1971. The building land was acquired in 1973 for the major part and currently represents an area of 53 hectares. The actual hospital site covers a surface of 61.000 square metres. The first patients were welcomed in January 1984. In 1988, the site was selected to host the Regional Cancer Centre (CRLCC). The city of Nantes is situated on an estuary that is considered the metropolitan centre for the west of France.

Professor Youenn Lajat conducted the clinical evaluation of NeuroMate at the Hôpital Guillaume et René Laënnec with the support of the two French Ministries of Health and Industry. Professor Lajat confirmed that the final outcome of the evaluation was very positive and clearly showed that NeuroMate brings a key contribution in the execution of all stereotactic procedures in neurosurgery. "It are deep brain stimulation procedures which benefit particularly from NeuroMate technology. Significant operating room time saving, accuracy and simplicity of use are major advantages of the system", stated Professor Lajat.

Dr. Ramesh Trivedi, the President and CEO of Integrated Surgical Systems, stated that Professor Lajat has been an evaluator of the NeuroMate system. His decision to acquire the system is a testimonial to the clinical utility and validity of the robotics technology in the field of neurosurgery. The company is especially delighted that the clinicians of Professor Lajat's reputation and stature are supportive of the NeuroMate System, according to Dr. Trivedi.

The company Integrated Surgical Systems develops, manufactures, markets, and services innovative computer-controlled, image-directed robotic products for surgical applications. ISS equally produces the well-known ROBODOC Surgical Assistant System, that is designed for orthopaedic applications. The ROBODOC system has been used to perform precise total hip replacement surgeries on more than 5000 patients worldwide. This ROBODOC system is currently being marketed in Europe and the Middle East.

Leslie Versweyveld

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