Dinosaur computers able to diagnose cancer in thirty seconds

Rome 04 February 2000During the First International Three-Dimensional Endoscopy Conference held in Parma, Italy, Dr. Roberto Passariello, who is a radiologist and professor at the University of La Sapienzia in Rome, stated in his lecture that diseases such as colon cancer could be diagnosed in thirty seconds with the use of a computer similar to those applied to create the dinosaurs in the film "Jurassic Park".


The three-dimensional images created by a computer similar to the one which gave life to Steven Spielberg's dinosaurs eight years ago will assist doctors in diagnosing and treating tumours without the use of painful interventions, according to Professor Passariello.

The computer uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to recreate, in only 30 seconds, the three-dimensional image of the organ being examined, equally providing a view of this very organ's interior, as the radiologist commented.

The diagnostic system's applications will continue to broaden in the near future, surely extending its usefulness to other fields within medicine, Dr. Passariello continued.

The conference, attended by physicians from Europe and the United States, was aimed at the analysis of virtual surgery studies conducted since 1996, according to conference organiser Pellegrino Basso.

The computer-generated image is not the body's real image, "but it is so close to reality that it allows us to work more at ease", as Dr. Basso added.

Leslie Versweyveld

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