Capsule Technologie to receive venture capital destined for innovative health care technology development

08 February 2000Capsule Technologie has been selected as the first company to receive investment capital from Air Liquide's venture capital fund. Launched last November, Air Liquide Ventures chose Capsule Technologie for its use of novel information technologies to provide innovative services to health care professionals. Capsule Technologie has developed a revolutionary solution for integrating patient data into health care management software.


Capsule Technologie's DataCaptor software enables immediate, real time transfer of medical equipment data to any software. This global connectivity solution is particularly innovative since the various software components are downloadable from the Internet and no special equipment or hardware is required. Hospitals can use DataCaptor to transfer all kinds of data collected by medical equipment into a patient's electronic medical file in real time, which considerably simplifies data processing and analysis. Other examples include integrating the patient's vital signs into acute care software or into browser-based telemedicine applications.

Capsule Technologie was established in 1997 and is actively involved in the Microsoft Healthcare Users Group to promote interoperability in health care institutions. Capsule Technologie is a specialist in device connectivity. Its product, DataCaptor, is helping Clinical Information Systems, Laboratory Information Systems and medical device manufacturers to send and collect real time data in a critical care or laboratory environment.

Air Liquide is a global producer of industrial and medical gases that employs over 28.000 people in more than 60 countries. In 1999, the company had annual revenues of $6.4 billion. Air Liquide supplies oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and many other gases to such varied industries as iron & steel, refining, chemicals, glass, electronics, paper pulp, metallurgy, health care, food-processing, and aerospace.

More information on Capsule Technologie's DataCaptor software is available in the VMW November 1999 article: Latest DataCaptor software version to provide support for Windows 98 and NT platforms.

Leslie Versweyveld

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