Waterford Telemedicine Partners to launch first-of-its kind Web site for current market and industry data

New York 09 March 2000Waterford Telemedicine Partners Inc., creators of the Waterford Telemedicine Index, has officially launched a Web site dedicated to providing qualitative and quantitative content about the telemedicine and telehealth industry. The new site features comprehensive analyses of the telemedicine industry, profiles of major firms, daily columns and commentary, interviews with leading thinkers, coverage of breaking news, and more.


"This is the very first site to provide timely financial and market intelligence which gauges the momentum and sentiment of the telemedicine marketplace", stated Peter Leitner, CEO of Waterford Telemedicine Partners. "Our site speaks directly to those corporations, investors, and other decision-makers who seek an informed and objective resource to guide them through the economic, financial, and commercial dimensions of this emerging industry."

The Waterford Telemedicine Index, which comprises 100 publicly traded companies which participate in the field, generates valuation, financial and operating metrics that are indispensable measures of corporate and industry performance. These metrics permit the decision-makers and observers to monitor the evolution of the industry, measure performance in comparison with peers, and evaluate specific projects objectively. Equity indices are widely used as benchmarks for measuring the relative performance of a particular stock or a portfolio of stocks to a comparable "market" of companies.

Each company in the Waterford Telemedicine Index has been assigned to one of the nine cohorts, or subsets which represent telemedicine's fundamental elements. The cohorts are aggregated into the industry's three tiers, namely Infrastructure, Facilitators, and Providers. The cohorts include Network and Telecommunications; Teleradiology and PACS, being the Picture Archiving and Communication Systems; PACS Components; Monitoring Devices and Services; Diagnostic Technology and Services; Videoconferencing Systems; Clinical Health Care Information Systems; On-line Resources; and Contract Research.

The site was developed by a multidisciplinary team, led by industry veteran, Peter Leitner. Mr. Leitner, who is founder chairman and CEO of Waterford Telemedicine Partners, has nineteen years of experience in the health care and financial service industries. "We created the site for strategic and financial investors as well as their advisors, who want to learn more about this accelerating segment of the health care information sector", stated Leitner, who forecasts this market will grow 40% per annum over the next 10 years, with at least 15% of health care services provided via telemedicine by 2010.

Founded by Waterford Advisors Inc. in July 1999, Waterford Telemedicine Partners Inc. provides industry and company-specific research reports to institutional, corporate and individual investors and their advisors. The firm is headquartered in New York City. Its most recent publication The Telemedicine Industry Report 2000, was released in December 1999. Waterford Advisors provides corporate finance and strategic advisory services to health care and IT firms.

The Waterford Telemedicine Index has been created in 1997 by Waterford Advisors. Both narrow and broad versions of the index are maintained and comprise fifty and 100 stocks, respectively. The narrow index is weighted by market capitalisation, whereas the broad index is weighted by Waterford's modified market capitalisation method.

To learn more about the Waterford Telemedicine Index, please read the VMW interview with Peter Leitner Expert Peter Leitner shows great confidence in consumer of rapidly evolving telemedicine market. More information on The Telemedicine Industry Report 2000 is available in the article Market overview in Telemedicine Industry Report 2000 shows where opportunity knocks.

Leslie Versweyveld

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