European Commission to issue list with freshly approved IST projects

Brussels 21 February 2000The European Commission has made available the details of over 500 successful projects which were selected to participate in the Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme of the Fifth Framework Programme. A quick-reference list of IST projects, that will receive Community funding from the first round of proposals launched on 19 March 1999, can be found on the European CORDIS Web site.


The newly issued list is presented in alphabetical order according to the project's acronym. Information provided includes the title, the e-mail contact and the unique project number. Progressively, there will be a brief two-page description for each project, detailing its abstract, objectives, description of the work plan, contact details and a list of participants. This information is already available for almost 100 projects.

European Commission officials expect these details to interest a wide cross section of people. In particular, it should benefit all those participants in the programme, who seek to establish contact with related projects, Member States and associated countries who contributed to the Fifth Framework's budget.

In addition, the information will be beneficial to potential new participants seeking to situate themselves amongst existing projects as launched from the first call for proposals. Several of these initiatives, recently approved for European funding, present innovative IT tools, which are specifically being developed for use in medical applications.

You can find the project list on the IST home page of the CORDIS Web site, where it has been installed by the European Commission at

Leslie Versweyveld

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