Philips Medical Systems' new Inturis Suite offers integrated image management network for cardiology

Anaheim 12 March 2000During the recent American College of Cardiology exhibition in Anaheim, Philips Medical Systems has launched its latest addition to the Inturis for Cardiology family, the Inturis Suite. This fully scaleable and easily upgradable image management network solution has been designed to make use of extensively validated, but however standard, off-the-shelf Information and Communication Technology hardware and protocols. Inturis Suite offers the necessary functions required for import, on-line storage, review, analysis, long-term archiving, report and database management of digitally acquired cardiovascular angiographic images.


The diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease requires a great deal of collaboration between all care providers involved with individual patients' needs. The medical staff, both internal and external to the hospital environment, has to work together on treatment plans and needs to receive and generate clinically relevant information. Philips' Inturis for Cardiology meets these challenges for communication head on. It will ensure the right information is in the right place at the right time, allowing the best possible level of patient care. Ultimately, it will incorporate treatment requirements into a master file, the Electronic Patient Record.

The Inturis Suite is the latest "building block" in the total Inturis for Cardiology programme and an integral part of Philips' HeartCare portfolio of the cardiovascular imaging modalities, connectivity solutions and support services, which maximise patient care and work flow efficiency. It is an image management network solution removing communication boundaries between departments and locations. Philips has acknowledged the need for a filmless system extending out of the cath lab to offer department and enterprise-wide on-line access to digital cardiac images. Via its open architecture, the Inturis Suite can be used with off-the-shelf equipment.

Inturis offers on-line full-DICOM storage and immediate remote viewing with a superb diagnostic quality as well as automatic archiving. Individual users can access multiple studies and can manipulate original images using post-processing tools. In turn, multiple viewers are able to make independent, simultaneous reviews of the same patient examination at multiple locations. Immediate on-line access to examinations at multiple locations, fast retrieval of archived examinations and on-line consultations are the key benefits that will significantly improve work flow.

The integration with existing IT infrastructure is seamless. The solution is based on standard industry software and hardware. Backward compatibility is designed to ensure a full inter-operability with new and existing systems. The Inturis Suite will grow to become a vital node in the communication and clinical network, connecting to databases to build a comprehensive overview of patient information. Philips recognises that improving quality of care while reducing cost of care is always a fine balancing act for health care providers. The Inturis Suite is so easy and quick to utilise that valuable time is saved right from the start. Labour costs are reduced while cine camera, film, and processing costs are removed entirely.

The new Inturis Suite platform enables customers to develop a network cost-effectively and according to their own particular needs. The four levels of modular software programmes can be tailored to the departmental image management solutions providing on-line reviews of DICOM images from both recent and archived patient studies. The Inturis Suite software operates in a truly open environment, and can be very easily integrated into the existing IT infrastructure and with additional commercially available hardware. Philips proves its on-going commitment to investment protection since this highly adaptable system is future-oriented and can be seamlessly augmented when new functionalities become available.

Leslie Versweyveld

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