Medpearl solution helps implement correctional managed Cyb-R-Care programme in Texas

Nashville 29 March 2000Recognising the challenge to deliver quality patient care supported by stringent compliance reporting, UTMB-CMHCP, the University of Texas Medical Branch Correctional Managed Health care Plan has contracted with Inc., which is a leading e-health company providing HIPAA-compliant, clinical/financial work flow solutions for the health care industry. The terms of the contract cover more than 135.000 patient lives in Texas correctional facilities.


UTMB-CMHCP is the largest non-profit provider of correctional managed care in the United States. Since UTMB started this operation in 1995, revenues have grown from $2 million to $300 million annually. Its mission is to provide the highest-quality cost-effective health care in the industry. UTMB-CMHCP's sophisticated managed care delivery model now includes the Medpearl system in conjunction with a managed care solution from Business Computer Applications (BCA) of Atlanta, Georgia. Business Computer Applications is specialised in providing information technology products and services to government-qualified health plans.

"We were looking for high-technology solutions which could meet our significant demands on information resources, in order to build toward our vision for medicine of the future", explains Leon Clements, Associate Vice President for Medical Care at UTMB. "Medpearl's robust clinical functionality plays a key role in successfully implementing our Cyb-R-Care programme. In keeping with UTMB's mission, along with state and Federal guidelines, Cyb-R-Care offers quality patient care in a cost-effective managed care setting."

As a telemedicine application in a correctional managed care setting, Cyb-R-Care is expected to be marketed more broadly to other correctional facilities, as well as the private market. Cyb-R-Care is comprised of six modules which are the Electronic Medical Record, Private Physician Network, Telemedicine, Third Party Administration/Management Information Systems, Utilisation Review, and Case Management. Cyb-R-Care provides primary and speciality medical care at any location which has access to a telemedicine facility, thus reducing security and transportation costs, restricting travel, offering faster access to care and minimising non-essential referrals.

"We endured a rigorous and highly competitive reviewing process to be selected by UTMB", states Neale Attenborough, CEO of "The Cyb-R-Care programme is innovative, and it clearly demonstrates that e-health technology is an integral component of the next generation of delivering quality care cost-effectively. Medpearl expects to continue its vital role in similar initiatives throughout the e-health care industry."

Complying with Federal rulings and Texas state mandates, the Correctional Managed Health Care Board, comprised of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), University of Texas Medical Branch, as well as Texas Tech University, implemented a Correctional Managed Health Care Plan (CMHCP) to deliver health care services. The Cyb-R-Care programme forms part of the CMHCP. UTMB is responsible for services to approximately 105.000 inmates in 71 units across 41 counties. In turn, Texas Tech University is responsible for 30.000 inmates in 21 units across 18 counties. Inc. is a leading e-health company which provides HIPAA-compliant, clinical/financial work flow solutions for the health care industry. The company was the first in the industry to provide secure Internet access to clinical data, both to physicians and to patients. Medpearl's integrated solution captures clinical data from the patient encounter and immediately executes all mission-critical financial functions from one common database. currently manages 30.000+ med-commerce transactions at 85 physician practices and other health care locations nationwide, with a total user-base of 1400+ health care professionals handling records for over 1.1 million patients. The company equally maintains partnerships and strategic alliances with e-health leaders, like, and is privately funded by Tudor Investments, a Boston venture capital firm.

The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston is a major academic health science centre dedicated to health science education, patient care, research, and community service. For more than a century, UTMB has been committed to caring for the sick and injured regardless of their ability to pay; to educating and employing a diverse work force of health professionals; to always finding new ways to do things better; to encourage lifelong learning; and to enriching the communities it serves. More details about telemedicine in Texan prisons are available in the VMW article Prisoners and their doctors welcome teleconsultative health care network in West Texas.

Leslie Versweyveld

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