CardioComm partners with Sierra Systems to launch Internet Cardiology Portal

Vancouver 11 April 2000Stephen R. Martin, President and CEO of CardioComm Solutions Inc., has appointed Sierra Systems Group Inc. as the company's iBuilder partner. Specifically, Sierra Systems Group has been contracted to develop CardioComm's Internet Cardiology Portal Project which is the first phase of the company's comprehensive Web-based product and marketing strategy. CardioComm's strategy is based upon securing a significant position for its cardiology applications within the telemedicine field and the evolving impact of the Internet in health care.


CardioComm Solutions Inc. is a Canadian company dedicated to providing superior information technology to the field of cardiology. As such, the company is committed to the containment of cardiovascular disease via improved information access, communication, management and analysis. CardioComm's patented and proprietary technology is used in products for the recording, viewing, analysing and storing of electrocardiograms (ECGs), for diagnosis and management of heart patients. CardioComm has achieved its technical goals of an improved access and communication through the development of a real time ECG viewer.

The company now has ready a comprehensive marketing and development plan to optimise the existing capabilities of GEMS, which is its Global ECG Management System, and the accompanying ECG viewer on a Web-based platform. The company believes that a large market opportunity exists to offer a GEMS-based solution as a service offering to customers, in addition to the sale of software licenses. This model, known in the Internet industry as an Application Service Provider (ASP) model, provides another means to achieve broader market penetration for CardioComm's cardiology-focused software solutions.

The objective of the portal is to provide cardiology information and products which are relevant to the monitoring of cardiovascular conditions and link authorised subscribers to the on-line ECG management services. In addition, certain e-commerce opportunities will become available in the business-to-business category, such as for cardiology clinics and professionals, and will be accelerated by further partnerships with existing on-line suppliers and vendors of medical supplies and equipment.

Grant Gisel, CEO of Sierra Systems confirmed to be very excited about the opportunity to be CardioComm's iBuilder partner. Sierra Systems provides two key complimentary components in support of CardioComm's strategy, which are its extensive health experience and its in-depth knowledge of portal development. "We deliver leading health solutions to clients in the United States and Canada, building on successes spanning nearly two decades. This is coupled with our experience in portal development which encompasses Web design, n-tiered architecture solutions, and application service provision", stated Mr. Gisel.

Sierra Systems is a leading technology consultant and systems integrator with more than 900 employees in fifteen offices in key markets across North America. Sierra Systems' reputation for delivering world-scale business and technology solutions has earned over 33 years of service to many of the most respected corporations and public sector organisations. These know Sierra Systems for its practicality, reliability and seamless integration. In today's Internet economy, this type of integration expertise is in great demand as enterprises everywhere tie their core information systems into Web-based e-commerce and business-to-business applications, in order to seek success in a wired world.

CardioComm is the first company to provide a real time means of viewing ECGs over a network (LAN, WAN, or Internet). This tool enables ECGs to be viewed and controlled live, by physicians, over a global virtual health care network. This technology is marketed as Global ECG Management System (GEMS). GEMS was cleared for sale in the United States by the Food and Drugs Administration in January of 1999.

Leslie Versweyveld

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