DANTE and Infonet sign contract for interconnectivity between TEN-155 and European commercial Internet

Hoofddorp 18 April 2000Infonet Services Corporation and DANTE, the company organising advanced data networking services for the European research community, have signed a contract that awards the provision of connectivity between the TEN-155 network and the European commercial Internet to Infonet. The first interconnection between TEN-155 and the European commercial Internet under this new contract was made in Amsterdam in September 1999. The interconnections in Geneva, London and Stockholm were made in October, November and January respectively.


The pan-European research network TEN-155 or Trans European Network currently operating at speeds up to 155 Mbps, is planned, built and managed by DANTE. TEN-155 interconnects both the national research and education networks in 18 European countries and provides the European academic research community with an international so-called best efforts IP service. TEN-155 equally offers an end-to-end Managed Bandwidth Service, giving scientists and researchers across Europe guaranteed bandwidth for advanced application developments.

As a direct result of the Quantum project, the TEN-155 network is co-funded by the European Commission and is one of the largest currently operational pan-European networks. In turn, Infonet operates one of the greatest pan-European IP backbone networks. This fully managed Internet backbone provides a non-overbooked, highly reliable, high-speed and congestion-free connection to the Internet. On an average business day, this IP backbone carries one third of Europe's Internet traffic.

The launch of DANTE, Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe Ltd., in 1993 marked an important milestone in the history of the European research networking. Set up to provide advanced international data network services for the European research community, the services given by DANTE complement those provided by the national research networks. DANTE is a not-for-profit company, which has a number of European national research and education networks as its shareholders.

Infonet Services Corporation is a world leader in providing global networking services to multinational enterprises for frame relay, electronic commerce, Internet, Intranet, and integrated voice/data solutions. Infonet provides a full suite of messaging and collaborative products and services. Infonet's services are supported locally in more than sixty countries.

Infonet also manages the business, services and network of the European-based global services provider, AUCS Communications Services. These two companies together present an integrated portfolio of products and services under the Infonet name. The World Network from Infonet today is accessible from over 180 countries. For more information about the development and the deployment of TEN-155, we refer to the VMW November 1999 article Advanced American and European research and education networks linked by Internet2 and Dante.

Leslie Versweyveld

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