Integrated triad of HealthSphere 2000 tools delivers e-Business to the hospital

Dallas 11 April 2000At the Health care Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Show, New Era of Networks Inc. (NEON) launched a new product suite which provides a complete set of e-Business integration solutions for the health care industry. The HealthSphere 2000 solution suite enables health care organisations to harness the benefits of the novel health care economy by providing a broad range of medical e-Business applications, layered above NEON's industry-leading e-Business application integration solutions. The applications include Web portal, single sign-on, and EMPI, the Enterprise Master Person Index solutions.


"NEON's HealthSphere suite of e-enabling, B2B solutions represents both a distillation and synthesis of the technologies, and domain knowledge, developed and acquired by NEON over the past few years", stated John Moriarty, group president at NEON. "Our vision, born of rich customer involvement and strong technical capability, is a simple one: provide cost-effective, end-to-end solutions which leverage our customers' existing application investments and fully exploit the flexibility of new, Web-based technologies to help our customers deliver better health care. We believe that our new HealthSphere suite meets that challenge."

The HealthSphere suite consists of three e-Business applications, which are MedPortal, MedMerge and MedSecure, together with the company's industry-leading e-Business integration solutions like e-Biz 2000 and e-Biz Integrator. Each part of the novel solution suite addresses a key element of application integration allowing health care organisations to interface disparate systems, as well as act as an e-Business enabler.

MedPortal allows health care professionals to view consolidated patient data which resides in various clinical systems. Clinicians utilise Web browsers to access information in multiple applications, and to update or place orders in those systems. Patient lists, fact sheets, order status, results from lab and radiology tests, and treatment profiles are all available. MedPortal also offers a notification system to deliver updated information to a Web page which can be accessed by clinicians daily or prior to doing ward rounds.

David White, information technology security and development manager of Kettering General Hospital NHS Trust, an early adopter of MedPortal, stated: "The Trust was impressed by the innovative way NEON implemented its technology to provide a friendly look and feel to the end user. In addition, we liked the way how the technology would not only pull together radiology, pathology and PACS information, but could be applied to other areas of the Trust."

MedMerge provides an EMPI tool which ensures the integrity and accuracy of data by properly matching patient information to the right patient. The tool addresses the problem caused by large numbers of health care applications, each storing different patient identification information, creating a barrier to effective and efficient patient care. MedMerge identifies the matching records enterprise-wide and assigns to each of them a unique identification number. The matching algorithms which are used can be applied to the records of all participants in the organisation's business such as patients, payers, vendors and physicians.

In turn, MedSecure ensures Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance by providing a secure single sign-on solution as well as role-based application access authorisation. MedSecure equally includes sophisticated audit controls tracking what people are doing and from which locations. MedSecure enables easier access to all applications within the health care enterprise by using advanced session management. User roles, applications, roaming rights, security and permissions are being managed centrally, allowing rapid responses to change.

Each of NEON's innovative e-enabling health care applications is designed to assist health care providers and payers comply with HIPAA mandates. The MedPortal, MedMerge and MedSecure tools are available immediately. New Era of Networks is a leading e-Business infrastructure platform provider. Its products and services allow companies to get on-line faster, handle Internet speeds and volumes, as well as keep up with the ever-changing e-Business landscape.

Leslie Versweyveld

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