MAGNET selects Toshiba to provide ultrasound technology

Tustin 20 March 2000Toshiba America Medical Systems signed a three-year, sole-source agreement to provide cardiovascular and diagnostic ultrasound systems to MAGNET Inc., a not-for-profit group purchasing organisation (GPO), which is comprised of 12.000 members in 20 states. Under the contract, MAGNET's GPO members may purchase scanners at negotiated group discount prices from Toshiba's full line of ultrasound products, which include the all-digital PowerVision 8000 and 6000edp systems, and the Eccocee and JustVision scanners.


"Through our new relationship with MAGNET, Toshiba is continuing to deliver state-of-the-art technology and excellent service to U.S. health care providers. Since nearly 25 percent of the nation's health care is delivered within MAGNET's geographical area, having access to Toshiba's worldwide leading ultrasound technology is ideal for delivering top-quality patient care", stated Steve Sickels, who is senior director, Ultrasound Business Unit of Toshiba America Medical Systems. "As the ultrasound leader, Toshiba is committed to developing and marketing technologies that address the growing demand for expanded clinical capabilities to perform a greater variety of cost-effective, non-invasive diagnostic studies."

"We have selected Toshiba as the sole source for ultrasound technology based on the company's extensive product portfolio and proven global track record for delivering superior technology. Our 12.000 members represent health care providers at acute care facilities, long term care facilities, as well as physician offices and radiology centres. Toshiba's product line up, which comprises the PowerVision family, Eccocee and JustVision, offers the right technologies to address our members' diverse needs", explained Steven R. Duke, vice president, MAGNET Inc.

Designed to meet the performance demands of the U.S. health care market, the all-digital PowerVision 8000 is a fully configured 512-channel ultrasound system for whole-body, radiology and cardiology imaging applications. The PowerVision 8000 features Toshiba's PowerView package, a fully integrated, digital information management system that advances diagnostic capabilities throughout the hospital. PowerView supports all DICOM service classes, integrated 3D and Stress Echo applications software, as well as an advanced quantitative analysis package and telemedicine applications.

The all-digital PowerVision 6000edp system features Toshiba's harmonic imaging technology, Flash Echo Imaging, which is used to more accurately detect disease and disorders in tissues and organs. In addition, the system's digital technology and advances make it particularly useful when scanning difficult-to-image patients. This technology offers significant potential for more cost-effective, less-invasive diagnosis and treatment. "The PowerVision family of systems provides a vast range of clinical applications to clinicians without compromise. As ultrasound technology advances with techniques like contrast imaging, the modality could become even more cost-effective", according to Mr. Sickels.

The Eccocee is a compact ultrasound system which uses both conventional and Doppler imaging and colour enhancements to produce clear, sharp images for general radiology, obstetrics/gynaecology (OB/GYN), peripheral vascular and surgical applications. JustVision forms a compact, mobile ultrasound system which delivers high functionality for use in a variety of clinical settings including the surgical suite and private OB/GYN offices.

MAGNET, founded in 1979, is a New York not-for-profit group purchasing organisation that specialises in capital equipment, selected commodities and service. It is composed of eight regional group purchasing organisations, which, in turn, serve participating facilities. Providers who access MAGNET's contract portfolio span the entire continuum of care in twenty states and the District of Columbia. Nearly 12.000 providers are served by MAGNET and their member organisations.

With headquarters in Tustin, Toshiba America Medical Systems constitutes a subsidiary of Toshiba America Inc., that employs 10.000 people throughout the United States. TAMS markets, sells, distributes and services diagnostic imaging (DI) systems and coordinates clinical DI research. Toshiba's imaging products include Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine, ultrasound and both conventional and vascular X-ray systems.

Toshiba America MRI Inc., in South San Francisco, has responsibility for the research and development, engineering and manufacturing of diagnostic imaging equipment in the United States. Toshiba America Medical Systems' parent company is Toshiba Corp., a major provider of electronics and energy systems and products, a $43 billion organisation with more than 198.000 employees worldwide. Read more about Toshiba's ultrasound systems in the article Toshiba to present PowerVision 8000 ultrasound system for cardiac applications, which appeared in VMW's December 1999 issue.

Leslie Versweyveld

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