Integrated DIAMOND and WebMD Practice tools streamline work flow for health benefit plans and physicians

Atlanta 11 May 2000Healtheon/WebMD Corporation, the first end-to-end Internet health care company connecting physicians and consumers to the entire health care industry, and Health Systems Design Corporation (HSD), a leading vendor of information systems solutions for organisations which administer health benefits, have closed a strategic partnership to integrate HSD's DIAMOND software with the WebMD Practice, Healtheon/WebMD's physician portal. By combining both DIAMOND's scalable databases and transaction engine and Healtheon/WebMD's comprehensive doctors portal, the partnership will provide health benefit plans and physicians with a powerful e-business solution, allowing DIAMOND customers to conduct administrative transactions over the Web with their provider communities.


The integration of the DIAMOND suite of managed care products with WebMD Practice will streamline the work flow process for DIAMOND users. This should result in faster reimbursement, automated referral and authorisation, and more efficient processing of co-payments. Health plans, payers and Managed Care Organisations (MCOs) are expected to save money through reduced paper-based activities, fewer telephone calls to providers, timely verification of member eligibility and more accurate claims processing.

"The strategic partnership with Health Systems Design forms the latest step in our continuing effort to connect physicians to the entire health care industry", stated Charles Saunders, M.D. and chief medical officer of Healtheon/WebMD. "Healtheon/WebMD offers the largest connectivity to providers over the Web, and Health Systems Design, with over 100 clients, is a leader in providing managed care solutions to payers. By integrating DIAMOND with WebMD Practice, we are creating a powerful tool for payers and providers, assisting them in their efforts to streamline operational costs, provide timely information and improve the quality of patient care."

"Our relationship with Healtheon/WebMD rapidly advances Health Systems Design's goal of providing information technology solutions which take advantage of the power of the Internet to reduce administrative costs and improve service", stated Arthur M. Southam, M.D., president and chief executive officer of Health Systems Design. "Healtheon/WebMD's state of the art connectivity solutions combined with DIAMOND's database and automated transactional capabilities let us deliver a set of end-to-end solutions for our customers' high volume transactions with members, providers and employers."

"Automation of these transactions reduces costs, eliminates paperwork and can dramatically improve the service provided by health plans to the customers and their provider partners. This is a critical component of the e-strategies of our current customers and of tomorrow's leading health benefits administration organisations", added Dr. Southam. Health Systems Design, headquartered in Oakland, California, constitutes a leading vendor of information systems solutions for organisations which administer health benefits.

The company's DIAMOND software manages large and complex databases and the high volume, complex transactions which are associated with the administration of health benefits and provider payments. The company's software and services enable its clients to control costs and to improve the services provided to their members. The company's 119 clients located throughout the United States and abroad, include health insurers, health maintenance organisations (HMOs), preferred provider organisations (PPOs) and health care provider organisations, and are representative of small to very large organisations, handling from 20.000 lives to multi-millions of lives.

In turn, Healtheon/WebMD is using the Internet to facilitate a new system for the delivery of health care, resulting in a single, secure environment for all communications and transactions that will enable a more efficient and cost effective health care system. With corporate headquarters in Atlanta and technology headquarters in Silicon Valley, the company was formed in November 1999 as a result of the merger of Healtheon Corporation, WebMD Inc., MEDE America and Medcast.

Leslie Versweyveld

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