Ghana and Cuba to work together in new telemedicine network project

Lagos 03 May 2000The Cuban government will assist Ghana in establishing a medical networking project. The proposed telemedicine network would help medical officers in Ghana to make use of modern telecommunication equipment and software in offering services in diagnosis, therapies and improve the overall health care in the country.


Daniel Fernadez Lopez, head of a four-member Cuban delegation, recently paid a visit to the Ghanaian capital Accra. During his meeting with the Ghanaian Minister of Health, Kwaku Danso-Boafo, Mr. Lopez stated that the programme, which covers pathology and radiology among others, would benefit especially the medical officers and the patients in remote areas of the country since the cost of transportation and movement would be reduced.

Under the telemedicine programme, it is envisaged that 14 hospitals would be connected to service centres in a major referral hospital in Accra, which will host the database for the project with nodes in each regional capital. The network will eventually be connected to Cuba and linked to other countries with a telemedicine network.

When the project takes off, medical officers would be able to have access to modern medical information, according to Mr. Lopez, who added that those in remote areas could even seek advice from their colleagues elsewhere on how to effectively manage difficult cases through networking.

On his side, Minister of Health Danso-Boafo declared that the co-operation between the two countries in the area of health would help improve the standard of health care in Ghana. Currently, there are about 72 Cuban doctors working in the West African country.

Leslie Versweyveld

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