Vidimedix network medicine solutions turn into fully integrated e-health application service provider

Jacksonville 06 June 2000The company, a leading provider of comprehensive health care portal solutions, has just acquired the privately held VidiMedix Corporation. The acquisition creates the first integrated health management and clinical ASP or application service provider, building on's expanding position in the e-health services sector.


The recent integration of VidiMedix with the company's extensive multimedia product offerings provides a much broader access to the e-health services market and to a more diverse customer base. "Internet-based multimedia solutions are a rapidly growing segment of e-MedSoft's suite of services. This acquisition will allow us to materially enhance our capability to distribute medical expertise and related content over the Internet", stated John F. Andrews, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. John F. Andrews also added that the combination of VidiMedix with the company's existing health care management suite creates the first true end-to-end solution in this space. The combined strengths and the shared vision make for a powerful partnership that addresses critical clinical and business issues, according to's CEO.

VidiMedix provides network medicine solutions which enable physicians to deliver remote examination, diagnosis, and treatment to patients via secure, private and collaborative interactions with use of advanced Internet and Web technologies. The company's Series 2000 product line insures compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) requirements. Doctors are able to fully interact with their patients and also have access to the latest diagnostic and imaging devices, providing delivery of care in a convenient and cost-effective manner.

VidiMedix provides its solutions to fourteen network medicine programmes operating in over ninety locations. Clients include Texas A&M Health Science Center, the Scott and White Hospital & Clinics, and Shriners Hospitals for Children. VidiMedix also brings to e-MedSoft several strategic business alliances with key partners, such as Superior Consultant Holdings Corp.; IBM Global Healthcare Services; and Data General Corp., a division of EMC Corp.

Phil Faris, President of VidiMedix, stated that he is excited to join forces with to provide a dynamic, Internet-based set of e-health solutions for the customers. "The demand for and the scope of network medicine programmes now being offered both in the United States and internationally demonstrates the need for this business alliance. There is clear evidence that integrated collaborative network medicine provides tremendous benefits to health care providers, payers, and consumers."

Dr. Murray I. Firestone, who is president of e-MedSoft's MultiMedia Division, commented further that the addition of the VidiMedix technologies, staff and management team significantly strengthens e-MedSoft's clinical, multimedia technology suite. The acquisition also provides professional horsepower for the company to respond to the worldwide market demand for collaborative medical solutions.

VidiMedix was recently named one of the "10 to Watch in 2000" at the Health Internet 2000 "Rethinking Healthcare Delivery in the New Millennium" Financing and Partnering Congress, which is organised by Information Management Network. The Vidimedix powerful "Network Medicine" solutions address the problems which are facing health care enterprises in delivering convenient, quality care to patients. The VidiMedix telemedicine solutions enable remote examination, diagnosis, and treatment of health care consumers by health care providers when direct, face-to-face interaction is inconvenient, costly, inefficient or ineffective. VidiMedix' Series 2000 Internet-based telemedicine solution provides a strategic framework for distributed real time health care delivery across the enterprise.

The firm, with its core medical software product, is leading a transition in the medical industry, as it is the first subscription-based health care management system available for delivery through the Internet. Users of the software are charged a small up-front installation fee, and an ongoing subscription fee based on transaction volume. The medical software forms a complete health care management system.

Through the Web and its Java-based integrator that uses Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Java technology,'s software facilitates communication across diverse platforms and languages in unlimited capacity, allowing for the interlink of physicians, hospitals, clinics, HMOs, insurance companies, financiers and government agencies. The ease and low cost with which it can be implemented, its Internet-based ASP model which reduces the need to build internal IT infrastructures and its ability to allow for the exchange of information across diverse platforms and systems bode extremely well for its widespread adoption by the medical community.

The company equally operates the e-Net Technology group of companies, which includes e-Net Systems Ltd., the former Relay Business Systems Ltd.; IFA Systems Ltd.; and e-Net Software. The e-Net group focuses on removing the complexity of Web-enabling business processes by providing a complete range of Internet Managed Services and Information Technology solutions, and by utilising strategic partners like Sun Microsystems, Oracle Corp. and Cisco Systems Ltd. The products are built on the foundations of speed, ease of use, security, scalability and resilience.

Leslie Versweyveld

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