Complient's new Emergency Medical Response system to cover 95% of workplace injuries

Cleveland 05 June 2000On an average workday in America, seventeen workers will die and 16.000 will be injured on the job, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics. In 1998, the National Safety Council estimated the total cost of work-related deaths and injuries was $125 billion, a costly sum for today's businesses. In order to help companies prepare for workplace emergencies, Complient, the new economy solution for compliance, recently launched an Emergency Medical Response System (EMR System), which helps save lives and prevent injuries by combining the latest in lifesaving equipment with extensive support, training, communications, as well as a data management system to track and deploy each customer's unique compliance solution.


Complient's EMR System includes an AED or automated external defibrillator, emergency oxygen supply, first aid kit, cleanup equipment, CPR aids, and ongoing training. This system combines quick and easy access to defibrillation, emergency oxygen and other first aid supplies, and training to ensure companies can address the majority of accidents, injuries or illnesses which can happen in the workplace.

When someone falls and is injured or an employee goes into sudden cardiac arrest, quick response is critical. Minutes, even seconds, count, according to Robert Thompson, president of Complient's Services Group. "Our EMR System offers a state-of-the-art lifesaving solution, helping companies save lives, reduce liability, and protect all stakeholders, including employees, families, shareholders, and partners", stated Mr. Thompson.

The EMR System is just one component within the completely new economy solution Complient offers its customers. The company delivers consulting, training, preparedness systems, and e-commerce solutions on-line and in the field to more than 12.000 companies throughout the United States. The company also enables organisations to effectively and thoroughly meet time-consuming, manpower-intensive compliance regulatory requirements, which range from OSHA, EPA, HIPAA, ERISA to FMLA, COBRA, and other forms of compliance.

The EMR System is one visible sign of the total solution for compliance, as Mr. Thompson added. "With our Internet Compliance Management System, which operates through an ASP model, extensive on-line courses, field training, and Internet-based knowledge management, we bring the new economy to bear on the business and human complexity of the many forms of compliance."

Specific EMR System components are:

  • Training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), defibrillation, emergency oxygen, bloodborne pathogen detection, and basic first aid. This quality training has been consistently delivered throughout the nation by Complient staff educators for clients such as The Gillette Company, Amtrak and others.
  • Equipment and emergency medical supplies, including an AED, emergency oxygen supply, and first aid kit.
  • Equipment Servicing. Complient service specialists visit the company twice a year to ensure the system's equipment and components are operating at peak performance.
  • Medical Direction. Installation and company operation of the AED require a prescription from local physicians from each state in which they are placed, as well as training and direction on use.
  • A robust, turnkey communications programme to broadcast organisational commitment to the well being of employees, customers, and the community.
  • Secure Internet access to equipment placement/maintenance information and data relative to the organisation's compliance with system requirements, including training records and upcoming re-certification requirements.

Founded in 1998, Complient is backed by major investors, including Chase Capital Partners, Healthcare Equity Partners, Medtronic, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, National City Ventures, and Primus Venture Partners, among others. The company applies its Internet-based suite of applications in all areas of corporate compliance, including privacy, sexual harassment, and corporate governance policies.

Headquartered in Ohio, Complient delivers business-to-business, Internet-based solutions that revolutionise the way organisations define, distribute, administer, and measure compliance with mandated regulatory, industry and organisational standards. These new economy solutions leverage world-class subject matter expertise, an Internet compliance software application which incorporates a unique integrated learning system, and a nationwide staff of educators who annually train over 240.000 people in more than 100 compliance topics. The company's clients, such as Fortune 1000 companies, health care facilities, and medical professionals, are served through offices located throughout the United States.

Leslie Versweyveld

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