Data General turns St. Joseph's radiology department into digitised filmless unit

Westboro 27 June 2000Data General, a Division of EMC Corporation, has been selected by Saint Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, New Jersey's largest free-standing hospital, to automate its radiology department. Saint Joseph's Hospital will utilise Data General's Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) solutions, combined with its consultation, maintenance and support services, to simplify processes and create a "filmless" radiology department.


Data General's PACS solution will provide St. Joseph's physicians and staff with the flexibility and advanced capabilities of the current leading digital imaging technology. The solution will optimise St. Joseph's radiology department by shortening radiographic processes, from the capturing and developing to the reading and sharing of images. The consolidated and digital radiographic process achieved will cut report turnaround and image exam times significantly, substantially reduce problems caused by lost, misplaced or "borrowed" radiographic film, free up the overcrowded storage space, and reduce overall operating costs.

"Data General's PACS solution and services are allowing the hospital to automate the processes and create a more efficient and thorough Radiology Department", stated Peter Karl, vice president of clinical services at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center. "Data General is helping us ensure that our patients receive the best care as efficiently and timely as possible."

"Data General continues to concentrate on simplifying processes and improving tools for physicians, hospital support staff, and technical support people. Our PAC solutions provide the highest quality of services and digital imaging technology in combination with our leading AViiON servers", commented Rick Matteo, Director of Healthcare Business Development, Data General, a Division of EMC Corporation. "By implementing our PACS solution, St. Joseph's is giving its staff more efficient tools and processes so they can remain focused on patients' needs."

St. Joseph's will implement Data General's PACS solution in three phases, adding modules for digital X-ray capabilities throughout the hospital at each phase and completing the PACS implementation with an off-site imaging centre. With Data General's PACS solution, images can be printed on film or displayed on a clinical monitor to be manipulated in size, shape, and hue for detailed analysis by physicians and radiographic technologists.

These images may also be transported via telephone, cable or satellite links, offering the physicians and technicians the ability to share critical patient information across geographic distances. Additionally, Data General's PACS solution provides quicker access to information by allowing multiple copies of an image to be in circulation at the same time, while the original images remain archived, resulting in faster clinical consultations.

Data General's PACS solution is based on its AViiON server technology, and specifically the AV 3700R, the AV 2300, and Cluster-in-a-Box. The solution also includes EMC CLARiiON storage, IntraScan II clinical and diagnostic software from MarkCare Medical System, and Swissray International's direct digital radiography (ddR) systems. MarkCare Medical System's IntraScan II is designed to process, report, read, archive, and store medical images, while Swissray's ddR systems work with the software to offer excellent efficiency, manoeuvrability, and quality images.

For the past 20 years, Data General has been a leader in providing high-technology enterprise solutions to the health care industry with solutions currently in use at more than 3700 hospitals worldwide. The company's health care solutions include clinical imaging tools; document imaging for medical records and business office departments; Internet/intranet solutions customised for the health care environment; wireless Point-of-Care services; IT infrastructure solutions for the health care enterprise; as well as decision support and business intelligence.

Data General, a division of EMC Corporation, constitutes a major supplier of consolidated computing solutions for customers worldwide. The division's products include Microsoft Windows NT- and UNIX system-based AViiON servers and related software and services. Strategic alliances with leading software vendors and systems integrators enable Data General to deliver complete solutions which meet the customers' business need to simplify, consolidate, and control information technology infrastructures. The EMC Corporation is the world leader in information storage systems, software, networks and services, providing the data infrastructure for a connected world.

Leslie Versweyveld

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