Vista Medical and Jomed launch strategic partnership for minimally invasive cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology

Carlsbad 22 May 2000Vista Medical Technologies Inc. and JOMED N.V. have signed an Exclusive Distribution Agreement and a Co-operative Technology Agreement relating to Vista Medical's Series 8000 3D Visualisation and Information System. By the terms of the Agreements, JOMED will act as the worldwide exclusive distributor of the Series 8000 in cardiac and related radiological markets.


Both companies will also co-operate on developing enhancements for the Series 8000 system which will optimise its utilisation as the standard visualisation platform for the endoscopic placement of the JOMED's SOLEM GraftConnector and for many other applications both in cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology. The SOLEM GraftConnector, under development by JOMED, constitutes a minimally invasive anastomotic system to enable fast, sutureless coronary artery bypass surgery on beating hearts.

John R. Lyon, President and CEO of Vista Medical, stated that he is pleased to be working closely together with the JOMED company in providing the optimal visualisation platform for placement of the SOLEM GraftConnector. "The widespread adoption of a truly endoscopic coronary bypass protocol has been a consistent objective of ours for several years and we believe that the GraftConnector has the potential to make an important technological breakthrough in enabling a safe as well as a cost-effective procedure."

Tor Peters, President and CEO of JOMED commented that the agreements with Vista Medical emphasise JOMED's commitment to be the partner of choice for technological innovators and to enhance its technology base through strategic partnerships. "The unique 3D capability of the Series 8000 and the confidence that our clinical investigators have already developed in the Vista system, will be key elements as we move forward with our clinical trials of the SOLEM GraftConnector. We equally expect to be working closely with Vista to incorporate its visualisation technology in our other market segments where both enhanced visualisation and integrated presentation of information will contribute to better clinical results."

Professor Friedrich Mohr of the Heart Center at the University Hospital of Leipzig, Germany, explained that totally endoscopic cardiac bypass surgery and hybrid procedures, which combine the skills and techniques of the cardiac surgeon and the interventional cardiologist, have the potential to develop into the standard of care in the next few years. "Progress towards this goal will be accelerated by the development and combination of complementary technologies, like the SOLEM GraftConnector and Vista's 3D visualisation and information system, into a standard treatment platform. We are already working with the Vista system in my hospital and I look forward to contributing to the clinical development of the GraftConnector, in conjunction with the visualisation technology, in the near future."

Vista Medical Technologies Inc. develops, manufactures and also markets products which provide information to physicians performing minimally invasive general surgical, heart, head, neck and spine, and other selected micro-surgical procedures. The company's products consist of a head mounted display with video cameras to provide surgeons with critical visual information during these micro-surgical procedures, combined with the ability to view additional information in a voice-controlled, picture-in-picture format, to facilitate real time decision making during surgery. The company also manufactures compact, high-resolution endoscopic cameras for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers and strategic partners.

JOMED designs, develops, manufactures and markets medical devices for minimally invasive therapy, like interventional cardiology and interventional radiology, and other minimally invasive cardiovascular surgical procedures. The company's products are aimed at providing alternatives to drug therapy and highly invasive surgical treatments of vascular diseases. Its product offerings include a range of coronary and peripheral stents, stent grafts, angioplasty balloons, and catheters. JOMED markets its products in over 60 countries through a direct sales force and a network of distributors.

Leslie Versweyveld

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