Clingenix takes important step towards predictive medicine in acquiring North Coast Clinical Laboratory

Sunnyvale 10 July 2000Clingenix Inc., a leader in pharmacogenomics, has acquired North Coast Clinical Laboratory Inc., a full-service clinical trials laboratory. Under the terms of the agreement, North Coast Clinical will join Research Services Inc. (RSI) as a wholly owned subsidiary of Clingenix Inc. The RSI agreement has been closed separately in the same period of time. Financial terms of the agreements were not disclosed.


Clingenix's genomics technology, combined with the tremendous expertise of North Coast Clinical provides Clingenix with a very important component for its integrated approach to pharmacogenomics, according to Vito Mangiardi, President and Chief Executive Officer of Clingenix. "As an integrated pharmacogenomics company, we're focused on providing comprehensive clinical research and laboratory services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostic companies", Mangiardi stated. "Our services will enable drug development companies to bring more effective drugs to market faster. The goal is to make predictive medicine a reality."

Clingenix is a pharmacogenomics company which unites pharmacogenomics research and development, applications including laboratory, diagostics, and patient database with clinical development. Using this integrated approach, Clingenix provides more cost-effective, scientifically comprehensive clinical research services. It is equally seeking to develop proprietary therapeutic discovery and research tools which will enhance its services and licensing opportunities. The company provides pharmacogenomics services in several therapeutic areas, including diabetes, insulin resistance, atherosclerosis, hypertension, and oncology.

"We share Clingenix's vision that clinical and pharmacogenomics laboratory expertise needs to be an integral part of drug development", stated Jack Runner, President and Chief Executive Officer of North Coast Laboratories. "In working with Clingenix, our laboratory and scientific expertise will support our partners in pharmacogenomics research and clinical development for application in clinical trials from Preclinical through Phase IV. North Coast will also have access to and be able to stratify patient populations, thereby creating a large database of pharmacogenomic data which we can leverage for partners developing new drugs."

While pharmacogenomics has already proven to be an exciting and also innovative science, extensive research is still being conducted to identify genetic variants which relate to disease susceptibility and drug response, according to Mr. Mangiardi. "As the science continues to evolve and as biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies continue to develop plans for the integration of pharmacogenomics into the drug research and clinical development, we will offer our clients individual components or the fully integrated pharmacogenomic-based services."

North Coast is a full-service clinical laboratory founded in 1985 by Mr. Jack Runner. The company has experience with US and international trials. It has conducted trials with as many as 30.000 patients, offers 24 hour data access to real time study results via secure Internet access and employs a staff with proven scientific expertise. North Coast Clinical Laboratory will be used as a template when Clingenix expands its services internationally, thus creating a worldwide network of standardised laboratories. Under the terms of the agreement Mr. Runner will become Vice President of Laboratory Services for Clingenix. North Coast Clinical Laboratory is located in Sandusky, Ohio.

Clingenix Inc. was founded in 1998 by a few leading scientists from Harvard, Stanford and private industry to provide pharmacogenomic and conventional research, as well as clinical services to the drug development industry. The company provides a full range of services from developmental consulting, through all phases of clinical development to final commercialisation. The founders are experts in the fields of medicine, genetics, clinical trials, and information technology. The company is headquartered in California with operations throughout the United States and Asia.

Leslie Versweyveld

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