Upcoming seminar on Virtual Environments in Medicine and Psychiatry

Manchester 19 July 2000Dr. Nigel John from the Manchester Visualization Centre, which is a member of the Virtual Medical Worlds Community (VMWC), is organising a seminar on Virtual Environments in Medicine and Psychiatry as a part of the Visualisation and Virtual Environments Community Club (VVECC). The one-day seminar has been scheduled to take place on December 12, 2000 at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratories located in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.


The preliminary programme includes the following speakers and topics:

  • Virtual Environments in Surgery - chair: Dr. Nigel John, University of Manchester
  • Dr. Andy Dobrzeniecki, University of Copenhagen, "Visualarium Project"
  • Professor Robert Stone, Virtual Presence, "User-Centred Approaches to Surgical Simulation Design Using Virtual Reality"
  • Dr. Sean Mackay, St Mary's Hospital, London, "Virtual Reality in Surgical Education: current status and future prospects"
  • Dr. Nick Phillips, Leeds General Infirmary, "Virtual Reality for Navigation and Training in Neurosurgery"
  • Virtual Environments in Psychiatry - chair: Dr. Mel Slater, University College of London
  • Dr. Larry Hodges of Georgia Tech, USA
  • Professor David Clark, Head of Institute of Psychiatry, London

The event is expected to attract some 75-100 people, mostly from academia. More details will become available progressively but you can already contact Dr. Nigel John for further information about this seminar.

Leslie Versweyveld

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