Information for Tomorrow to release new resource guide for home telehealth

Kensington 18 July 2000The newest report from the home telehealthcare trends-focused research firm, Information for Tomorrow, is now available in print and on CD-ROM as of July 31, 2000. "Home Telehealth in the 21st Century: A Resource Book About Improved Care Services That Work" profiles telecommunications-ready tools and services which can be used effectively with this generation of home care patient.


Telehealth is one very needed strategy for enabling patient self management routines in daily living. Self care is now a key concern, because meeting reductions in financing of services under the Prospective Payment System (PPS) for Home Care, which will be in effect by October 2000, will require providing much less costly health care services. It is now time to prepare for anticipated changes in 21st century home care services delivery.

Chronic diseases patients, such as those with congestive heart failure (CHF), teens with diabetes, and children with asthma, all of whom need the most health care services and could benefit significantly from the correct choices of telecommunications-ready tools are given special attention in this report. With the "right" tools contained by this new study of dozens of telehealth programmes and home care applications, the ambitious goal of self management by chronic disease and other needy patients can eventually be reached, and cost effective care provided.

What are the "right" tools? "There are hundreds of choices among telecommunications-ready tools on today's market", as stated by Mrs. Audrey Kinsella, author of this study, which is based on 5 years of research in costs and effectiveness of telehealth care services. "The key consideration is matching tools' capabilities with the needs of particular patients or patient groups." Glucometers for the blind, and audio-enhanced telephone messaging systems to send timely medication reminders to the elderly, slightly deaf patient are among the helpful and easy to use options identified in this report for today's providers and for their patients, many of whom have never even heard of telecare or "e-health".

"Home Telehealth in the 21st Century: A Resource Book About Improved Care Services That Work" identifies potential uses of dozens of new tools like these, as well as adaptations of older tools already in the home, like the television and the telephone. Learning ways to extend the uses of these tele-tools can help administrators and providers prepare their businesses to meet the new, more stringent demands of care service delivery under PPS. The study is available for $195.00 plus s&h. Please contact Information for Tomorrow to order or to ask for more information at +1-301-581-0090.

Leslie Versweyveld

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