World Telehealth and UN Group 77 partnership brings e-health within reach of developing nations

New York 05 July 2000Can the Internet deliver better health care internationally? World Telehealth Corporation has established an alliance with a network linked to 133 United Nations countries to use Internet technology to improve health care worldwide, especially in emerging nations. World Telehealth, through its upcoming Internet portal, is working exclusively with the Global Management Center/Chamber Trade Information Network of the United Nations Group of 77 to facilitate local partnerships and ensure electronic access to health care products, services, and medical information in 133 nations.


"Our alliance gives a clear competitive advantage by providing access to emerging nations that are committing vast resources to sustaining and building world-class health care systems", stated Barry Canon, World Telehealth CEO.

Dr. William Tiga Tita, as CEO of the Global Management Center, Chamber Trade Information Network, commented, "Advances in the new global electronic marketplace are especially evident in the medical field where developing nations are expanding health care services at an incredible pace. Our exclusive relationship with World Telehealth will provide the developing nations with the ability to become an active partner in a secure network of global electronic health care."

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan has called for the development of an international Internet health network to help make better medical information available to nations which need it most. Telemedicine is able to provide access to up-to-date health and medical information throughout the world, which is the aim of the Health InterNetwork. The emerging e-health care market is estimated to grow from $16 billion to $370 billion by 2004, with $348 billion from business-to-business commerce with hospitals and institutions, according to the Forrester Research Group.

The site, to be officially launched in the autumn of 2000, will allow medical professionals to access and negotiate the secure purchase of medical products, provide medical breakthrough information and second opinion consultation.

World Telehealth, which is based in Tampa, Florida, has developed strategic partnerships with other premier companies and organisations including KPMG/Australia, IBM, Oracle, NeoForma, Florida Hospital Celebration Health, HealthStream, and St. Luke's Cataract and Laser Institute. The G77 Chamber Trade Information Network is focused on the establishment of electronic distribution, support systems, network security and certification for the 133-member G77 countries.

Leslie Versweyveld

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