Traditional health care bricks to discover creative new dash in e-Care clicks

Alexandria 03 August 2000Passive Web sites are history. By 2005 the majority of physicians and hospitals will be operating robust Web e-service channels for health knowledge, product sales, and actual medical delivery. This was predicted by globally acclaimed e-Health care strategist Douglas E. Goldstein at a keynote he presented recently to 250 executive health care leaders at the Homestead Resort in Virginia.


"Many leading hospitals and doctors are laying aggressive e-service and technology plans to meet patient demands for on line medical decision support, streamlined administrative services as well as Internet telemedicine from their doctors and hospitals. The next wave of e-health care leadership and true cost and quality transformation will come from health care organisations with existing customer relationships, strong cash flow and profits", stated Mr. Goldstein.

Douglas Goldstein also shared his considerable knowledge and predictions regarding the "Revenge of the Healthcare Bricks" as the next stage of Internet growth. A practical visionary who spots e-health care trends at their earliest stages, Goldstein has spent the last year sharing his health care "Bricks and e-Care Clicks" vision with health care audiences worldwide through his speeches and recently published book and CD, e-Healthcare: Harness the Power of Internet e-Commerce and e-Care.

"Revenge of the Healthcare Bricks", according to Mr. Goldstein, "is a Corporate Cyber Tsunami. This is where operating for profit and non-profit health care organisations take back Internet e-Health leadership and implement e-community, e-commerce, and e-care services that enable the doctor-patient relationship and simplify commerce processes in a manner which increases security while reducing costs."

Describing how traditional health care organisations are starting to deliver value-added e-service to their customers through advanced Web-enabled customer relationship management platforms, Mr. Goldstein explained that many high revenue and profitable health care organisations carefully have been laying the foundation for the next generation of Internet applications which serve their customers.

According to Mr. Goldstein, these Internet solutions will leverage existing brand and customer relationships, lower operating costs, and improve medical outcomes. "Many under-funded pure-play e-Health Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) companies will be acquired as components of infrastructure for these major corporate strategies, or they will be forced to reinvent themselves as infrastructure-building dot-coms who build client brands."

As George S. Conklin, Senior Vice President, Information Management, CHRISTUS Health, Houston, Texas, pointed out: "Douglas Goldstein's vision of the emerging trends in e-health care is insightful, compelling and right on the mark. He depicts that health systems, hospitals and doctors have a true imperative to expand and enhance their relationships with patients and customers. Our health system is moving forward in a right and appropriate manner to use Internet technology to lower costs and improve care based on the thoughts in Doug's prescription."

Douglas E. Goldstein is a globally recognised expert in e-Health care. He is the author of e-Healthcare: Harness the Power of Internet e-Commerce and e- Care, Aspen Publishers Inc., 2000. Mr. Goldstein is President of and Chairman of The NewSof Group. Both organisations are innovative e-Business development firms creating better health care through use of Internet technology. Mr. Goldstein is also the Internet columnist for Medical Interface Magazine, where he pens the "Medical Internet" column.

To obtain a copy of his "Revenge of the e-Healthcare Bricks" Success Factors 2001; his latest book e-Healthcare: Harness the Power of Internet e-Commerce and e- Care; or a recently authored article on the future of e-Health procurement for the Medical Product Sales Magazine, you can contact Douglas Goldstein personally.

Leslie Versweyveld

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