Nucletron to treat prostate cancer with integrated solution for conformal brachytherapy

Veenendaal 23 July 2000Nucletron B.V., a major Dutch provider of radiotherapy systems and developer of the revolutionary PLATO radiotherapy planning system, has presented a new and integrated solution for prostate cancer treatment with conformal brachytherapy at the recent World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, which was held in Chicago, Illinois, USA.


The Nucletron prostate cancer package provides all the necessary elements for conformal brachytherapy, including treatment planning, image capturing, quality assurance tools, clinically designed applicators such as interstitial needles and templates, and high dose brachytherapy treatment equipment.

Nucletron has developed the world's most complete High Dose Rate (HDR) brachytherapy system including state of the art treatment planning and the largest line of applicators and accessories. PLATOcomplete Brachytherapy Remote Afterloading constitutes the Nucletron conformal brachytherapy software that provides an optimised 3D calculation and visualisation which automatically targets the dose to the prostate volume.

The image-based planning allows to generate a 3D body image to visualise immediately the dose to critical organs. A unique dose verification to point feature offers an easy control and manipulation of the dose to the organs. The information is automatically being transferred to the Nucletron Remote Afterloading equipment for safe and effective treatment of the patient.

PLATOcomplete Brachytherapy Seeds is the fast image-based pre- & post-planning software with reconstruction and dose visualisation from the ultra-sound or Computed Tomography (CT) images, for conformal prostate treatment with permanent Iodine or Palladium seeds. Nucletron provides 3D calculation and visualisation of the prostate volume and critical organs for accurate implantation.

The PLATOcomplete Ultra-Sound Image Capture System consists of a stand-alone mobile ultra-sound image acquisition system. It can be used with any ultra-sound machine supporting standard video outputs. Nucletron's image capture system directly exports to the PLATOcomplete system or treatment planning or image storage and archiving.

The system's evaluation tools offer the most extensive and unique tools for clinical evaluation. They include comprehensive dose volume histograms for the prostate and critical organs to insure volume coverage. The instruments are able to combine pre- and post-prostate seed planning for evaluation of the implant effectiveness. They also allow to combine the 3D brachytherapy treatment plan with external beam, including Inverse Treatment Planning for a unique composite of the patient's overall treatment regime. Nucletron's state-of the art evaluation tools are essential for a conformal treatment of prostate cancer.

Prostate applicators include Nucletron's unique CET prostate template and ProGuide sharp needles. The reusable CET template, developed in co-operation with California Endotherapy in Oakland, is clinically designed for conformal treatment of the prostate volume. It provides peripheral loading while sparing the urethra and the rectum.

"The CET prostate perineal template is designed to achieve optimal catheter position for temporary afterloading prostate brachytherapy. The peripheral guides conform to prostate capsular anatomy and the central guides avoid the urethra. The arching posterior guides permit placement just within the posterior aspect of the prostate to avoid the anterior rectal wall and to permit access to the seminal vesicles", commented D. Jeffrey Demanes, M.D., Director of the California Endocurietherapy Cancer Center.

The ProGuide plastic needles are available in multiple lengths and feature a "source-forward tip" which allows placement of the first source position at the very end of the needle, therefore providing adequate coverage of the prostate volume with less possibility of bladder wall injury. Nucletron is the only vendor who offers these needles.

The quality assurance tools for conformal radiation brachytherapy include source position check rulers for measurement of programmed distal position; an auto-radiographic check device to assist in the verification of source position; x-ray markers which indicate the source positions on treatment planning radiographs as they are coded for easy catheter identification; and source dosimetry systems for source commissioning.

Nucletron's microSelectron High Dose Rate Remote Afterloading system is the clinical choice worldwide for remote afterloading brachytherapy. The afterloaders have the most advanced safety features and most flexible source cable allowing reliable use day after day. The complete system for prostate cancer treatment with conformal brachytherapy from Nucletron is available and in daily clinical use world-wide.

Nucletron, based in The Netherlands, is a worldwide leader in radiotherapy systems, and specialises in some of the most innovative products used for cancer treatment. The company has eleven offices worldwide, including its corporate headquarters in The Netherlands. Nucletron is a world leader in remote afterloading brachytherapy since 25 years. Nucletron B.V. forms a subsidiary of Delft Instruments, an international group of companies with 1100 employees and annual sales of more than NLG 400 million.

Leslie Versweyveld

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