Clinica Universitaria de Navarra to select Picis CareSuite for hospital-wide point-of-care applications

Pamplona 26 July 2000The prestigious Clinica Universitaria de Navarra in Pamplona, Spain, is automating the patient care process in over 400 of the clinic's operating rooms, recovery rooms, critical care units, and general ward beds. Clinica Universitaria de Navarra is the first in Europe to deploy CareSuite on wireless patient workstations. The CareSuite solution is developed by Picis, a world leader in peri-operative and critical care information systems.


Clinica Universitaria de Navarra is a non-profit organisation that is part of the University of Navarra. It has 450 beds and is well known for cardiovascular treatment, transplant surgery and oncology. The clinic is installing CareSuite, an integrated suite of point-of-care applications, which includes Chart+, to capture real time data from medical devices and other health care information systems; Visual Care, to automate the work flow of caregivers associated with direct patient care in the critical care units; and QuickQuery, to facilitate query, analysis and report generation.

The clinic is part of an increasing group of innovative care organisations that are looking for automation to resolve the challenge of optimising efficiency in the most cost and resource intensive areas of the clinic, being the operating rooms and critical care units. The implementation of an integrated critical care and peri-operative information solution for collection and analysis of data as well as care planning enables the clinic to promote best practices, drive process improvements, enhance the quality of care, and control costs. Additionally, CareSuite is bringing immediate benefit to nurses by allowing the creation of care planning schedules, which improves overall tracking, scheduling and efficiency.

"The principal objective of the clinic is to give the best care possible to our patients with the best technology available. We have chosen a system to improve patient care planning in the intensive care unit and general wards of the clinic. Picis CareSuite is the only system that met our expectations since it is easy to utilise and flexible to work with our existing clinical information systems", stated Dr. Inigo Goenaga, director of information technology, Clinica Universitaria de Navarra.

At Clinica Universitaria, CareSuite seamlessly integrates with the existing clinical information system. The patient admission, pharmacy and order entry modules are integrated with CareSuite to allow the exchange of data, which results in the integrity of patient data and a complete patient record. CareSuite is hardware and database independent which means that the product has the flexibility to work with virtually any information system or hardware available.

Clinica Universitaria is currently live with CareSuite in one general ward and the intensive care unit. In the second phase, the remaining eleven general wards, and peri-operative units will be installed by early 2001 and will allow caregivers to log care planning and assessments throughout the clinic. Picis is a world leader in the development and marketing of software and Internet-based critical care & peri-operative information solutions that automate the point of care in every high acuity care area of the health care enterprise.

CareSuite can automate the flow of clinical data from medical devices and information systems as well as organise caregiver work flow in the critical care and peri-operative setting to improve patient outcomes. CareSuite is installed in world-renowned medical facilities such as the University Hospital of Rotterdam, C.H. Aix en Provence, the Mayo Clinic, the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Medical Center, the University of Pennsylvania Health System, Emory Healthcare, and University of Miami-Jackson Memorial Health System.

Picis, based in Arlington, Virginia, and Barcelona, Spain, has sales and technical support staff throughout North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. Picis equally has distribution partnerships with IDX Systems Corporation, QuadraMed Corporation, and Siemens Electromedical Systems Division. Picis won the 1999 Microsoft Industry Solution Award for Health care and was a laureate for the Computerworld Smithsonian award.

Leslie Versweyveld

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