Spacelabs to introduce new release for its Pyramis Integrated Cardiology System

Redmond 03 August 2000Spacelabs Medical Inc. has introduced a major new release of the Pyramis Integrated Cardiology System, a suite of products which provides a comprehensive, open-architecture cardiology solution. This innovative system combines work flow management, cardiology outcomes and integration of information from best-of-class and legacy systems into a single, patient-centric cardiology record that is not available from any other single vendor.


New work flow management enhancements of distributed printing and faxing capabilities speed the distribution of critical patient information to all caregivers who need it. The updated HL7 interface also now allows integration of data from stress testing and ambulatory ECG (Holter) monitoring data, streamlining the creation of a complete, patient-centred cardiology record.

Glenn Isensee, vice president of technology at Spacelabs Burdick, stated that these work flow management enhancements are particularly well suited for hospitals where ECGs are routinely over-read and needed at the point of care. "Instead of the current sequential process, ECG reports may now be reviewed simultaneously and thereby acted upon in a more timely manner." Communication with the hospital's billing and administrative systems has also been enhanced to allow more accurate and automatic processing.

"The expansion of the HL7 capability extends the reach of the system to more manufacturers' products and thus assists the hospital in forging more complete patient records while streamlining its administrative functions such as billing and storing", commented Mr. Isensee. "Because it equally integrates legacy systems, we are helping our customers to protect, and indeed to maximise, their investment in other cardiology equipment." The Pyramis system continues to support the SCP-ECG protocol which is used by a number of ECG vendors.

The Pyramis Integrated Cardiology System consists of four types of software application modules:

  • Data Repository: a comprehensive, configurable system which can archive and access cardiology data and images such as ECG, stress, Holter, nuclear cardiology, echo, cath, electrophysiology and pacemaker, as well as information from Spacelabs patient monitoring systems, into one cardiology record.
  • Cardiology Management System: a system which automates the process of managing ECG, stress and Holter records.
  • Outcomes Reporting System: a clinical outcomes and documentation system which streamlines work flow and provides powerful reporting and analysis capabilities.
  • The Intesys Gateway: a proven industry standard HL7 interface engine which allows integration of legacy and best-of-class systems.

This system is an integral component of the Spacelabs strategy to provide comprehensive clinical information to caregivers wherever it is needed. Spacelabs is a leading provider of integrated medical information systems and instrumentation with a strategic focus on wireless, telemedicine and Internet solutions for health care.

The company has developed leading-edge physiological monitoring and information products for 40 years. Today, these products help physicians and nurses care for their patients and effectively manage the quality and cost of health care.

Leslie Versweyveld

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