Lifespire selects ArsDigita to create personal community circles for cancer patients on the Web

Cambridge 30 August 2000Lifespire, a comprehensive cancer services company, has selected the ArsDigita Community System (ACS) suite of collaborative commerce applications, developed by software solutions provider ArsDigita Corporation. Lifespire provides on-line and off-line services for the cancer community and the health care industry. Through its pioneering Web service, the company delivers cancer education and support services enabling patients and their family to become more active participants in their cancer care experience.


Lifespire's Web service was built using the ArsDigita Community System. It offers collaboration tools meant to enhance, and not replace, the communication between patients and their doctors, nurses and loved ones. The ACS enables to implement collaboration features such as "Create a Circle", where patients can create a group of friends and family to stay connected via the Web. Once registered as a member of, the patient will gain access to his or her own personal Circle of Care, a place where the patient and the support network can go to find knowledge, resources and support for dealing with the cancer experience. also delivers access to leading health and medical e-commerce retailers such as, Barnes & and "We selected ArsDigita because its software suite offered the features which are necessary to build a robust site where cancer patients are able to collaborate to share knowledge and get the education and support services they request", stated Joelle Gropper Kaufman, president of Lifespire. "ArsDigita's professional services team implemented ACS to support our commerce effort by surrounding it with collaboration features. These community features are essential to our goal of assisting cancer patients and their Circle of Care in coping with the cancer experience."

ACS is an open-source suite of fully integrated enterprise applications for supporting collaborative commerce. Collaborative commerce defines the interactions among and within organisations involved in buying, selling or exchanging goods, services and information. The ACS consists of software addressing eight core requirements enabling collaboration and commerce, including marketing, publishing, transaction management, customer service, personalisation, analysis, unstructured collaboration, and administration. Based on a common data model, the ACS suite provides fully integrated applications that enable customers to develop Web services more rapidly and with less cost than integrating traditional packaged applications.

Lifespire Inc., privately held and based in San Francisco, California, provides on-line and off-line comprehensive care services and solutions for the health care industry and the cancer community. combines the experience and knowledge of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals with the personal experience of patients and their support networks, and the power of the Internet to aggregate and share knowledge and support. This combination of experience, knowledge and on-line utility allows every single participant in the care process to more effectively work toward improving care. Lifespire is the expansion of Vida Healthcare, a company founded in 1996 with the vision to improve care through shared knowledge.

Leslie Versweyveld

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