and GeneEd convert health care industry to clinical and life science e-learning solutions

Santa Monica 05 September, a major e-learning company delivering medical school quality education to health care professionals as well as organisations worldwide, has signed a partnership agreement with GeneEd, the leading provider of e-learning solutions for the life sciences, to jointly create and market customised training courseware to pharmaceutical, medical device and other health care industry companies.


Under the terms of the agreement, and GeneEd will share their respective proprietary platform technologies and content to create second-generation courseware for Fortune 500 health care and life sciences corporations. Taking full advantage of cutting-edge technologies, these products will find wide applications in both clinical and life science education, sales force training, strategic marketing and consumer education.

" has already proven itself to be the leader in e-learning for health care, since the company has successfully delivered medical school quality education through its Internet-based proprietary platform to several global health care corporations and institutions", explained Dr. Vikas Bhushan, CEO and co-founder of "We are confident that by partnering with GeneEd, we will expand our content and technology expertise to best serve the health care education market."

"We see this relationship as a way to leverage our platform technology and content. By combining our technologies and scientific expertise with's development tools, extensive medical and clinical content, we are able to bring e-learning to the next level", commented Dr. Sunil Maulik, CEO of GeneEd. "Our technologies are fully complementary. We expect that courseware created with these combined tools will set a new standard in the industry and also provide a comprehensive solution for life sciences and health care enterprises."

The companies will work together to jointly develop training modules which highlight's clinical knowledge and GeneEd's biotechnology and genomics expertise, and will extend the partnership through a focused marketing and sales effort into large pharmaceutical companies. This will result in a series of second-generation e-learning solutions for corporations which provide cutting-edge clinical and life science knowledge to their employees and customers.

GeneEd Inc. has been founded in 1997 to provide life science and health e-learning solutions through the creation of compelling, multimedia-based training, delivered via e-media such as the Internet. GeneEd offers an expanding selection of courses and custom services in the areas of genomics, research, discovery, development, manufacturing, technical sales training, strategic marketing and consumer education.

Recently, GeneEd Inc. announced strategic distribution agreements with Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI), Sumitomo Corporation and Incyte Genomics. The company currently offers a suite of five courses entitled "Biopharmaceutical Technology 101". Advanced courseware in bioinformatics, micro arrays, SNPs, pharmacogenetics and molecular diagnostics will be released later this year. GeneEd has also developed custom courseware for leading life science companies like Celera Genomics, Incyte Genomics, ALZA Corporation, Compugen, Bio-Rad and Vical. is a major e-learning company bringing medical school quality education to health care organisations and professionals. This is delivered through a Web-based proprietary platform which integrates high quality audio, video, images and synchronised text for an engaging and personalised learning experience. The platform provides a complete, highly scalable on-line learning solution for both health care corporations and institutions managing the lifelong education and training needs of their work forces.

The company is working with key academic advisors at leading institutions, including Yale, Oxford, Cambridge and UC San Francisco. has assembled a team of world-renowned lecturers in co-operation with professional medical organisations to provide an integrated learning and community platform which addresses critical needs in health care education. The company has offices in Santa Monica, California, and in Oxford, United Kingdom.

Leslie Versweyveld

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