Second Telemedicine Glossary edition counts more than 1000 new items

Brussels 09 October 2000The Information Society Directorate-General from the European Commission has published the second edition of the Telemedicine Glossary. This edition has been extended with more than thousand new records and underwent a number of important revisions and corrections with relation to the first edition which appeared in June 1999. The editorial team also has introduced a series of tutorials to offer the reader a more specific idea with regard to certain generic questions.


The Telemedicine Glossary constitutes a very useful tool for those who are involved in tele-medically related Information Society Technology projects, which are being supported by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme. This new edition covers the terminology of a decade of European research within the field of health telematics. In this way, today's IST project partners are able to situate their own current research in a historical context of technological development related with their present aims and objectives.

Seen in this light, the European Commission actively supports the initiatives which build upon former break-through and success in this challenging area where quality care at a reduced cost is an absolute priority for the European citizen. The Telemedicine Glossary helps to better understand the directions of future research, coming from a past of trial and error, and the possibilities for emerging synergies between ongoing projects. As such, this publication will assist in tapping the rich potential that lies hidden in the many creative project proposals, submitted to the Fifth Framework Programme.

The second edition of the Telemedicine Glossary has 214 pages of standards, concepts, technologies, and users. Principal editor is Mr. Luciano Beolchi. The co-editors are Mrs. Alua Dautova, Mr. Julian Ellis, Mr. Peter Fatelnig, Mrs. Mary Fitzgerald, Mr. Frédéric Loeurng, Mr. Andreas Lymberis, and Mr. Yves Paindaveine. The European Telemedicine Glossary is available from editor and Information Society Directorate-General staff member, Mr. Luciano Beolchi.

Leslie Versweyveld

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