Touch-Map Systems to launch flu & pneumonia locator software

Jensen Beach 12 October 2000Touch-Map Systems recently has saved the day when it became apparent that the much anticipated flu & pneumonia shot programme of a major drug store chain would be delayed because of urgent problems in manufacturing enough vaccine in time. In less than a week, the company redesigned its dealer locator software to automatically direct calling patients to the stores in their area which have been scheduled to give shots.


Bruce McGuinn, Sales and Marketing Director for Touch-Map Systems, stated: "We have provided a special version of our dealer locator software to this company for the past several years. This year, when it was discovered that the flu & pneumonia shot schedule at each drug store would be in a state of flux, our programmers pulled a rabbit out of a hat. In less than a week they redesigned the software to help both our client and the public. We are really proud of this kind of client service."

The Touch-Map flu & pneumonia locator system is now up and fully operational for this client even though the flu & pneumonia schedules remain unfinished. What makes this locator system unique is the ability to tell the caller exactly how many stores in his area have been scheduled to give shots, at least so far. The system then proceeds to give the caller the day, date and hours for only the stores that have to date been scheduled.

This way, the caller is aware that a store which may be closer to his home is unscheduled and he is invited to call back. This locator is a perfect example of how a telephone locator constitutes the ultimate solution to a common problem. Each location has a distinct set of circumstances. Each member of the public has access to a terminal, which is a telephone, and the service is free to the customer. There is no way that any other media can serve every American on a "pull" basis.

Touch-Map Systems became famous for its real mapping technology that is able to tell a caller how many miles away and in what direction he will find a location. "We offer the only locator that always gives a caller a location no matter how far away it might be. That is logical since many callers are looking for locations in destination cities while travelling by air or auto and we have been doing this since 1985", explained Mr. McGuinn.

Touch-Map Systems invented the telephone dealer locator over seventeen years ago when the company developed the first system for the Cirrus ATM (Automated Teller Machine) network. Since that time, Touch-Map Systems has provided telephone locator services to some of the largest companies in the world and has taken nearly one hundred million calls.

Touch-Map Systems' expertise in call flow management and user ergonomics have become the hallmark of the industry. "We designed the first call flows that are still being copied by others. They were designed to lessen the number of touch-tone presses and make the system easy to understand. We are about to reveal some very exciting technology for both the cell phone user and the Internet", according to Mr. McGuinn.

Leslie Versweyveld

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