Apollo and Al-Bader Group partners in offering tele-pathology services to Middle East and India

Falls Church 13 November 2000Apollo Telemedicine Inc., the premier provider of tele-pathology systems in the United States, has closed a strategic alliance with the Al-Bader Group of Kuwait to implement Health Networks in the Middle East and subcontinent of India using Apollo's eHealthStat Telediagnostic network.


With Apollo's telemedicine technologies, Al-Bader-supported physicians and institutions now can access on-line, real time and secure speciality consultations from the most prestigious hospitals in the United States and Europe without burdening patients with extensive and costly travel.

Mr. Michael K. Bender, Senior Advisor to the Chairman of the Al-Bader Group and Managing Director of its International Telemedicine Services division, stated: "We are excited to introduce Apollo's technology and our strategic partnership during Arab Health Care which is taking place in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, from January 23 to 26, 2001."

"Our goal is to provide integrated and comprehensive, affordable and quality health care services to the people living in the Middle East and the subcontinent of India. The market is now ready, and our combined services, which link the best institutions with the finest equipment, offer a unique opportunity for telemedicine and tele-dentistry."

Mark J. Newburger, Apollo's Chief Executive Officer, commented: "With the Al-Bader Group strategic alliance, Apollo's eHealthStat Telediagnostic network now offers international revenue opportunities to our U.S.-based subscribers." Apollo Telemedicine's Medical Director, Dr. Ronald S. Weinstein, added that Apollo's breakthrough technology will increase both the quality and timeliness of health care using the power of the Internet.

Apollo Telemedicine Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Tysons Corner, Virginia, which develops, assembles and markets patented tele-pathology systems. In 1993, a United States patent was issued to Corabi International Telemetrics Inc., for the tele-pathology technology utilised by Apollo. This system and method patent covers any system using a remote-controlled robotic microscope to make pathology diagnoses and is exclusively licensed to Apollo Telemedicine.

The Al-Bader Group is a privately held consortium of Kuwaiti companies. The company was founded in 1962 with a group of four family shareholders. The Al-Bader Group has its main office location in central Kuwait City, and maintains five stationery and one dental showroom, one General Ticketing Agency (GTA), five travel agencies and two cargo offices in Kuwait. It is active in a variety of sectors, including life and health insurance, information technology, medical and dental equipment, stationery, cargo and travel, and tourism, serving the Middle East and subcontinent of India.

Leslie Versweyveld

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