AXS Technologies unveils break-through EyeSpy Image Server solution

Annapolis 25 October 2000AXS Technologies has unveiled its groundbreaking EyeSpy Image Server solution during Fall Internet World 2000 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. The EyeSpy Image Server, a patented, instant high-resolution imaging solution, was demonstrated at an exclusive invitation-only launch event before a crowd of e-Commerce professionals, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), software application developers, integrators and Web caching suppliers.


The EyeSpy Image Server utilises cutting-edge parallel processing techniques to deploy applications with incredible, high-resolution visual content, allowing large format images to be shown as more than just low-resolution thumbnails. Unlike current technology, which must first load large images into memory and then decompress enormous amounts of data, the EyeSpy Image Server requests specific image parts from multiple disks which are then retrieved "in parallel" to ensure perfect scaling capability. The image details delivered by EyeSpy Image Servers are fully cacheable, allowing a dramatic improvement in the network traffic generated while accessing large images.

With this new technology, the EyeSpy Image Server is able to provide the fastest, least expensive, and most reliable way to serve up digital imagery on the Internet. By offering virtually unlimited access to high-resolution images over the Internet, numerous industries will benefit by allowing images to be viewed more quickly and precisely than ever before.

The EyeSpy Image Server offers significant advantages when compared with competitive technologies. Unlike image compression technology, it is compatible with any existing IT infrastructure and simple to install. To assist with integration, EyeSpy Image Server is pure HTML and multi-platform. Additionally, EyeSpy Image Server is the only product on the market that is scalable and flexible, to accommodate a company's future growth.

"The EyeSpy Image Server provides an extremely high quality and versatile solution, while being very cost effective", stated John Ryder, President and Chief Operating Officer of AXS Technologies. "We have spent the equivalent of over 50 man-years researching and developing this technology, resulting in a product which is faster, crisper, less expensive and more reliable than anything else on the market."

E-Business endeavours for all industries, from vacation property managers to fashion to auction houses, are able to benefit from EyeSpy Image Server's breakthrough technology. The EyeSpy Image Server will also benefit the health care industry and any government sector or agency which needs the ability to zoom into a photograph or image. Medical research, education, space exploration, military intelligence, and weather forecasting are just a few of the many fields which the EyeSpy Image Server can, and will, impact.

AXS Technologies has developed and patented a set of revolutionary software technologies which exponentially increase the speed at which high quality digital imagery is accessed and deployed. Its first product, the EyeSpy Image Server, utilises this cutting-edge parallel processing technology to set new standards in digital imagery by allowing commodity PCs to access in real time, large raster image extractions with supercomputer performance.

AXS Technologies forms part of HPI Holdings S.A., a publicly traded Swiss investment company. It is headquartered in Maryland with research and development facilities in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Leslie Versweyveld

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