Broadband services bound to exceed traditional telemedicine by factor 100 in revenue increase

Parsippany 09 November 2000Broadband telecommunications services for hospitals, physicians' offices and home health care will account for more than 100 times more revenue than traditional telemedicine applications such as tele-radiology and tele-consultations by 2003, according to a newly published report by Insight Research.


According to Insight Research's report "Health Care and Telecommunications 2000-2005", the growth of tele-radiology and tele-consultation services has been impeded by factors such as regulatory difficulties, reimbursement problems, and the reluctance of the medical community to embrace new technology.

Telecom service provider revenue deriving from these services will be just $7.5 million in 2003. This is miniscule in comparison to the real growth opportunity which consists in providing high-speed Internet access for hospitals, doctors' offices, and home health care applications. These new telemedicine markets will account for more than 100 times more revenue than tele-radiology and tele-consultations.

However, carriers intent on capturing the broadband health care customer should not abandon less sanguine traditional telemedicine services. Insight Research's analysis suggests that only by addressing the smaller, traditional market can the service provider attract and hold the medical professional customer.

"Doctors and hospitals can go to any old Internet Service Provider (ISP) or carrier to buy high-speed Internet access, but telemedicine services will make them loyal customers", commented Robert Rosenberg, president of Insight. "Carriers will attract the medical community by providing a sophisticated, future-oriented package of high-speed access combined with tele-radiology and tele-consultation services."

"Health Care and Telecommunications 2000-2005" forecasts revenue for tele-consultations, tele-radiology, physician broadband services, home health care, and the integrated delivery systems (IDS) hospital market. The number of tele-consultations, tele-radiology reads, physicians using the Internet extensively, home health care residences, and IDS hospitals are presented for the years 1998 through 2005.

The 118-page report can be purchased immediately for $4195 in hard copy. Adobe Acrobat PDF soft copy licenses are also available now. A free report excerpt with the table of contents and ordering information is on-line. You can visit the Web page of Insight Research for more details.

Leslie Versweyveld

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